My Pregnancy Essentials | Love, Maisie
Throughout my pregnancy, there were a handful of things that just made the whole experience, that little bit better, more comfortable and just bearable. I thought I would share my top pregnancy essentials that helped me through the last nine months in hopes that it might help some of you who are currently pregnant or just about to embark on your pregnancy journey!


The real neat blog award | Love, Maisie
Hello internet and happy Wednesday! Today I thought I'd do a little tag post as I haven't completed one in what feels like years. In fact, I think it has been actual years! The lovely Saph from over at TheRavenWoman has tagged me in "The Real Neat Blog Award" post so I'm going to be answering her 7 questions before tagging 7 gorgeous other bloggers and asking them 7 different questions! So, thank you Saph!


Quote of the Week | #88 | "Dreams are necessary to life" | Love, Maisie
"Dreams are necessary to life" *img source
I've said it before and I'll say it again(puts BMTH on Spotify), but I am a dreamer. I'm pretty sure it says, or used to say so, in my twitter bio so I ain't kidding. I like to think of my dreams as goals, only a little more amplified, you know?


If you missed my week 38 bump update, you can catch it right here.
Bump update | Week 39 | Pregnancy Update | Love, Maisie
I'm sure you're all sick of hearing me say this, but believe me this time if any when I say that week 39 was tough.. really tough. Last week I talked about some pelvic pain that I was having and it's legit made my life a living hell for the past week and half/two weeks now. My midwife told me that it's extremely likely to be spd(I've since seen a consultant and it is, boo) but holy hell is it painful. It's gotten to the point where I can't get up and out of bed on my own because it's simply just too painful.. and even with help I'm often in tears trying to stand up and walk to the bathroom. So yes.. this week has been tough.