I actually can't believe that we're well over half way through October already, where is this beautiful month going? After having my eye on a few exceptionally awesome pieces, I decided to put together a little wardrobe wishlist for the blog! Of course, being that I am as they say, with child, there are some maternity bits thrown in, but not all of these items are limited to those of us that are currently carrying a miniature human!

First up is a bit of a splurgey piece but it's this super cute, and what seems like it would be flattering, flannel/tartan blouse from Esprit. Coming in at just under £60(do I sound like those really annoying tv adverts yet?) it's a bit more than I'd like to pay for a shirt that I probably won't be able to wear in 6 months time. None the less, it's super cute and I think that should I have a spare £60 floating around in the next month or so(HA, fat chance!) then I might just treat myself.

Now, this beanie is my favourite piece in this whole post because omg just look at it?! Being a Kate Spade number, it's another pricey item but it's pretty damn gorgeous. I'm not sure what it is about the simple little winky eyes but I just need to get my hands on this! You can grab one online now for just over £50.

I keep seeing kids and adults alike rocking bright yellow parka-esk rain coats(Hi Nim if you're reading!) and I desperately need one in my life. But for now, this little fabric number will do the trick aesthetically! I'd pair it with something simple like jeans and a stripy tshirt because boy oh boy is this bright yellow! Available online now for just £20 in the Sheln sale!

H&M are great for staple pieces, both maternity and their regular lines. This knitted cardigan is from their regular range and I just know it's a staple that would fit perfectly into my everyday wardrobe. There's just something so lovely about grey! If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll have noticed that I pin a lot of grey items of clothing for both myself and little buba. I just think it's such a versatile colour that goes with everything but it makes a difference from wearing black, you get me? 

Something that I've not yet got my hands on are a pair(or two) of maternity leggings. I love my maternity jeans from H&M and I'm even swearing by my new Primark maternity tights, but I do miss being able to wear leggings! I did try my old/pre baby leggings on the other day and they're fine really, but pretty uncomfortable where they sit under my bump, boohoo. This 2-pack is from George at ASDA and they're only £12, bargain! I'm not sure what size would suit me best so I think I'll hold off from ordering them online and just pick some up when I'm next in an ASDA!

If you read my latest bump update, you'll know that shoes are currently not my friend. I have however found a pair of boots that are slightly too big but super comfortable and I have also realised that I own two pairs of trainers that also happen to be super comfy! I found these adorable white pom pom trainers in the River Island sale for just £15 and my word I need to get them, right? Three pairs of trainers sounds so much better than two don't you think? Think how cute they'd look with the yellow coat? Arghhh!

Keeping on the topic of shoes, my current staple pair of boots are lace up at the front which means there's plenty of space for said swelling. I like the idea of this burgundy pair as they have a zip on the side, making getting in and out of them a slightly easier task than I currently fail at with my beloved Chelsea boots! A bargain at just £9.99, I'm sure they'd be a firm favourite of mine for the rest of autumn/winter!

Last but not least is this adorable(how many times can I say adorable before it becomes tres annoying?) kitty handbag! Would you believe it, I'm still on the hunt for a sizeable handbag! This one in particular is from a store on Amazon, so it'll either be utterly crap or totally amazing! I guess the only way to know would be to, oh I don't know, order one, right? For £26.99, it's a little pricey for something that's from a brand that I've ever heard of, but it is adorable.

So there we have it, my little October wardrobe wishlist! Let me know what it is that you're lusting over this month, maternity or not! Leave your links below! 
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A couple of months ago, I was browsing the beauty section at Primark, desperately trying to find my beloved gel eyeliner(which is often super hard to find! It must be way more popular that I thought!), I stumbled across Primark's range of lip liner pencil's. Intrigued, I picked one in up in the shade "Dark Pink." Little did I know that this would be the start of a beautiful love affair!
Primark Lip Liners | Review + Swatches | 8 Shades | Love, Maisie
So as you can see, my one initial purchase turned into a couple more purchases and I'm now the proud owner of eight Primark lip liners, holy cow! I only really got into lip liners about a year ago and I must say, they can be a game changer! I've found that I like to wear lip liners both under a lipstick and on their own!

Now, let's talk business. Each of the Primark lip liner's cost just £1, which is absolutely nothing at all! They have a massive range of colours and I've chosen my favourite eight, so far, to share with you all!
Primark Lip Liners | Review + Swatches | 8 Shades | Love, Maisie
(From top left to bottom right) Hot Gossip, Aubergine, Vamp, Wine, Brown, Dark Pink, Rosewood Mauve, Desert Sand
I've chosen a fairly wide range of shades, but nothing too out of the ordinary from what you'd expect for a lip colour! The first shade is called Hot Gossip and it's a gorgeous, fairly bright purple shade. I've been loving wearing this on it's own but it also works beautifully underneath my Elizabeth Arden Ultra Violet! 

Next up is another purple toned shade but a lot deeper rather than brighter, it's Aubergine. Another one that looks lovely on it's own! When wearing lip liners on their own, I like to apply a coat of lip balm a couple of minutes before hand underneath, just to make application a bit smoother, especially if my lips are feeling a little dry already.  
Primark Lip Liners | Review + Swatches | Hot Gossip, Aubergine, Vamp, Wine | Love, Maisie
(Please excuse me editing booboo for choosing white text on top of my black and white top, well done Maisie)
Vamp and Wine are two perfect autumnal shades, right? Vamp is more of a pure, classic red shade, which I'm sure will work wonderfully with your favourite red lippie, whilst Wine is more.. well, wine coloured! I do find Vamp a slightly richer/more pigmented shade than Wine.

When I picked up Brown, I did think it would be a slightly darker shade rather than a warmer one, but I think I really like colour! I'm not 100% sure the shade suits me but heck, I like it!

These next two shades are very similar in colour but I love them both equally. First up is my beloved Dark Pink, my first Primark lip liner love! I've been wearing this alone and under my Make Up Revolution lip lip lacquer in that gorgeous nude shade that came in their Christmas Lip Euphoria set last year! Rosewood Mauve is a slightly darker, deeper shade in comparison, but a great shade none the less! 
Primark Lip Liners | Review + Swatches | Brown, Dark Pink, Rosewood Mauve, Desert Sand | Love, Maisie
Last but not least, we have the lightest/nudest shade of them all! This is Desert Sand. At first, I wasn't too keen on it, but after having it on my lips a small handful of times, I've come to quite like it! I will probably save it for spring time as you all know that I like to rock a bolder lip at this time of the year! 

Now, as I mentioned before, these lip liners are only £1, how mad is that? They all have equally awesome staying power, especially under lipstick! My top 3 shades would have to be Dark Pink, Hot Gossip and Vamp. Like most good lip liners that I've ever used, these Primark one's can dry my lips out, but nothing a bit of lip balm before and after can't sort! Plus, with such gorgeous shades at such an amazing price, it's totally worth it! Which one would you purchase?

Have you tried out any of Primark's lip liners or any of their other beauty products before? Are you as much of a fan of the lip liners as I am? Let me know your thoughts too!
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Make Your Dreams Happen | Quote of the Week | #76 | Love, Maisie
"Make your dreams happen" *img source
Over the last three and a half years, I've spoken a lot about dreams, see here, here and here for just a few examples. I've always been a dreamer, from fantasy make believe worlds and scenarios in my head to career and family goals. I do not think that being a dreamer is a bad thing.

Recently, I've had a little bit more time on my hands, so I've had a bit more time to think about what it is I want out of life, out of love and even my little blog. Let's start with the latter. I've been writing on this little corner of the internet now for over three years and some days, I still struggle with what direction I'm taking it in. I started this blog back in 2013 as a way of expressing myself through all things that I was passionate about and I believe that it has grown with me in the sense of what it is that I am passionate about now, as oppose to the 18 year old girl who started "The Life of Maisie" (Who's been here since those days, aye?) I think just having my little blog is one of my dreams and I'm living in it every single day. I might not have millions of views per month and a cosmetics range with my name and face plastered all over it, but I'm happy doing what I'm doing, right now, kinda making my blog dreams happen. 

There are directions that I'd like to take my blog in and projects that I'm just itching to dive into, but sometimes I get scared that if I start doing all of these things, that I won't have any dreams left for my little blog anymore. I do however, know that my mind is always racing at 1,000,000 miles per hour, so the sense in me is almost certain that by the time I'm knee deep into the first project, I'll already be dreaming of the next one.

What do I want out of love. What do we all want out of love? Most little girls, myself included, would dream of being a Princess and growing up and having their Prince Charming rescue them from their despair and in some really long winded round about way, that's exactly what's happened with me and my love and I am not ashamed to say that he definitely rescued me. I shant go in to the "story of us" too much on this wonderful Monday morning, but I will say that I could never have dreamed a love so wonderful. I think I'm getting exactly what it is that I want out of love right now. Jack's made my dreams of love happen and continues to do so every single day.

Life. Ah, this thing that we are all living in, life. I've written many a time about what it is that I want out of life and what it is that I want to achieve, but right now, there are only a few things that I am dreaming of when it comes to good ol' life. I'm dreaming of the day that we finally get to meet little baby Corbett(eeep, not too long now!) and I'm dreaming of all the wonderful things that we will be able to do together as a family. I'm dreaming of the days where I'll be able to read to our son and tell him some of the stories that I've also shared with my blog. Right now, I'm sat in one big mush of dreams and I love it. 

So what is my point with today's post, honestly? I'm not too sure. Take the quote as literally as you'd like, or don't take it that way at all. Dream up and over and chase your dreams even whilst you're falling asleep into a real dream world. Don't be afraid to dream.. ever.
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A couple of weeks ago, I was reading Ami's blog over at Perks Of Being Ami where she shared a post about some Zoeva dupe brushes that she snapped up on Ebay! Being a Zoeva fan myself, I had to see what exactly it was she was going to say!

After reading Ami's blog post, I decided to purchase both sets of brushes she had talked about, because a) they were ridiculously cheap for the sound of their quality and b) why not!
ebay make up brushes | Zoeva rose gold set dupe | Love, Maisie
The first set to arrive was this gold and (I'd say) peachy/orange 8 piece brush set, which is inclusive of 3 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. They're all made with synthetic bristles so they are 100% vegan too, woohoo! None of these brushes are actually labelled on what their main purpose is so I've just been using them for what I think they're made for and what works for me! (And, I also had a look on the Zoeva site and these brushes are replicated almost exactly to how the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol 2 brushes are designed!)

So, what have we got! Well, (Face brushes from top to bottom) it looks like we have a buffer brush for applying and blending foundation, a cheek powder brush and a contouring brush. I have used the foundation brush on a couple of occasions and I do find that it blends my liquid foundation nicely and gives a really nice finish actually! I've been using the cheek powder brush for applying and sweeping my blush across the apples of my cheeks and my it is so soft! 10/10 from me on that one lads! Lastly for the face, it's the contour brush. I'm yet to actually use this one because my firm favourite brush for applying bronzer/contour is my Zoeva 127 Luxe sheer cheek brush, holy grail I tell ya!
An Ebay make up brush find 2 | Zoeva rose gold set dupe make up brushes | Love, Maisie
As for the smaller/eye brushes, we've got(from top to bottom) a smoky shading brush, one for your crease(lol still such a funny word, even after three and a half years of blogging), a winged eyeliner brush, a brow powder brush and a smudger.

When it comes to fluffy eye shadow brushes, I tend to just grab whatever's clean! Don't judge me. However, if I've got the options there, I'll choose a firmer brush for applying the colours and the fluffier/loser brushes for blending the colours out, so I guess I'm doing something right? The brow and the eyeliner brushes are very similar, except the eyebrow powder brush is slightly thicker. Honestly? For winged liner, I use the brush that come's with my Primark gel eyeliner(killer, I tell ya) but I do sometimes use the Zoeva 317 Wing Liner brush(which, top tip: is also great for applying lip product), but I have found myself using the thinner, eyeliner brush for my brows as I find the one designed for your brows just a bit too thick. Did you catch that?
An Ebay make up brush find 3 | Zoeva rose gold set dupe make up brushes | Love, Maisie
Overall, I'm pretty pleased with these brushes! Not only are they cute and look lovely sat on my desk, but the majority of them are pretty decent and east to work with, especially to say that they only cost £4.84 for the entire set! I'd recommend this set to anyone who is in need of a couple of extra day to day brushes but can't splash out the cash for the high end brands right now.

I ordered these brushes on the 11th of September and it took around 2 weeks for them to arrive, which coming from China and on free delivery, isn't that bad at all. They were scheduled to arrive anywhere up to the 20th of October! I am actually still waiting for my pink 12 piece eye brush set, so they have 5 more days to show up(acording to the delivery note) and if not, I won't be a happy bunny! When they do eventually arrive, I'll be sure to let you know what I think of that set too!

Have you bought yourself this make up brush set yet? What did you think? What are your favourite make up brushes to use? Let me know!
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If you missed my last bump update, you can catch it right here. The weeks seem to be going by so so slowly, but when I see the week numbers written down, I can't quite believe it! Pregnancy is still proving to be a bit of a challenge for me, but I'm getting through it and I'm already more than excited to meet our baby boy! Here's hoping that the next 15 weeks go by super swiftly!
Week 23 saw the return of the oedema. Oh my word, swollen feet, ankles and legs are not my favourite thing ever. In fact, I might even go as far to say that it's my worst symptom yet! Yup, you read right, worse than acid reflux! My oedema has actually made me feel really down on a number of occasions. It's just not a great feeling knowing that you have to sit with your legs/feet raised at every opportunity you get, just so you can *attempt* to get a pair of shoes back on later. I'm sure to some the idea of sitting down for hours on end sounds grand, but the reality of it is not as glamourous as one might think. 

On the day of this bump shot, Jack and I had ventured across to Richmond to see his sister, who I mentioned in my last bump update had recently had her second baby, eep! Little M is still as cute as ever of course. We went for a little walk into Richmond town which was good for my "little" club feet. I have to walk slower than everyone else because of my feet being so swollen but also because I've noticed that if I walk fast/at my regular pace, I get a stitch and those ladies and gentlemen, are not fun!
At the start of week 24, I was pretty emotional to say the least. As I've mentioned a lot recently, I'm still struggling a lot with my confidence whilst being pregnant. I feel like I have lost all control over my body and it makes me feel so low and ridiculously anxious. It got to the point last Saturday where I was just trying on outfit after outfit and actually looking at myself in the mirror in disgust and not wanting to wear anything at all and just climb back into bed. What was also really getting to me was the fact that I could no longer wear any of my ankle or Chelsea boots because my feet/ankles/legs just wouldn't allow it! 

Luckily, I managed to pull myself together and hop on up to my mum's for the rest of the weekend with Jack. We viewed another house in Gloucestershire and ate a lot of food. I've certainly not lost my appetite that's for sure! Trying to eat all the right foods is honestly a lot harder than it's ever been. Purely because all I really want to eat is chocolate.. all day, every day baby!  
Please excuse my scrunched up eyes(sun) and lipstick ON teeth!
During week 24, my oedema hasn't been as bad as it was, although it's not gone completely, I doubt it will until after the baby is born! But, in a bid to make myself feel better about the boots situation, on Monday, I ventured into Primark with mumma bear(who kindly helped me to take my week 24 bump shots, thanks mum!) and bought myself some brown laceup boots, which were a bargain at only £12! I'm usually a size 6 but went for the 7 so that I've got some extra space for cosy, fluffy socks and swelling! 

Another symptom that doesn't seem to be as bad at the moment is the acid reflux. It was getting so bad to the point where I didn't want to eat anything but Rennies! I'm sure it will continue to come and go throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but I'd much prefer that it didn't rear it's ugly head as often as it did a couple of weeks ago!

I'm already getting impatient for baby to arrive. Of course, I don't want him to make his appearance just yet, he needs to cook a little bit longer, but I just can't wait to have my little one in my arms. If there's one thing that's keeping me going(apart from Jack being my bestest bud/life partner/psychiatrist/carer/chef/driver) it's the thought of being able to meet our little boy in, now, less than 15 weeks!

I hope you're all enjoying these bump updates! My stats suggest that you are! Leave a comment below letting me know if you've been catching them all! Are you pregnant too? Leave your links below! I love reading about other people's experiences too! Oh and happy Friday! 
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