Monday, 22 June 2015

I'm Still Here.. Sort Of

So it's been over three week's since I've shared anything on my little corner of the internet. I'm sorry that I've literally fallen off the face of the internet, but I know I shouldn't be sorry and it's my blog and yada yada but let me explain..

I've been writing this little blog for over two years and i've loved every single second of it. I've never been and never will be the best writer, but it's something that I feel i'm fairly decent at on a normal day. But sometimes I have days, weeks and even months of "low" periods in my life and I lose all motivation to write and lack any inspiration. This isn't an oh feel sorry for little me blog post, nor is it a request for a diagnosis on my life, but it's just a little reminder that, not only mine, but anyone's online outlet that you read might sometime's take a hit or lack of updates due to personal things that are going on in their life.

Over the past couple of months I've had really big highs and really low low's and you can see that through the lack of content on my blog and like I just said, i'm sorry for that. It makes me really sad to see that my last post was published on the first of June and not yesterday.

One of the reasons I don't write/create when i'm feeling under the weather is that I wouldn't want to see half arsed content on here that had no feeling or flow or sparkle to it. I like to think of my blog as a generally happy place, because I know I wouldn't want to come back to a blog each day that was monotone and had no personality to it.

I guess what i'm trying to say is bare with me. Love, Maisie will get back to normal eventually and there are actually lots of really exciting emails flying into my inbox as of late and I'd love it if ya'll would stick around for all the new adventures and trials and tribulations of my little corner of the internet.

As always, I love you all and keep smiling!

"It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.”
– Doe Zantamata


Monday, 1 June 2015

May Through Instagram | @maisieejo

#GIBKITCHEN | My two little fur babies watching the passers by | I made a kimono out of a scarf and then took a 100% shameless selfie in the rock on the rock club's loos | Toby looking dapper | First day at the beach | N feeding a 2/3 day old little fluff ball | Getting crafty at #GibKitchen | Celebrating two lovely ladies birthdays | Receiving exciting things in the post! 

It feels like only yesterday that I was writing my April through instagram post, it's actually crazy how quickly this month has flown by.

You may notice the hashtag, #gibkitchen mentioned above and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly what it is! #GIBKITCHEN was created by three very lovely and very talented friends of mine, Chris, Stefano and Pat. The aim of kitchen is to curate a living, breathing work space for young artists in Gibraltar, who face the problem of lack of studio space to facilitate the exploration of their work.* 

Not only has it been a work space for many talented people over the last month, but it's hosted numerous events, and those that I have attended have all been super duper amazing! I watched short film screenings from Lizanne Figueras and Aimie Desoisa, saw Ermelinda Duarte throw clay, attended the SVA style workshop where my lovely friend Paul showed off some of his everly perfect designs, adored my lovely friend Carolina's #ThisIsNotArt presentation/gallery drank a lot of vodka and wine and sat in at Stefano's Graffiti presentation! I'm in the process of writing up a whole post about Kitchen but until then, why not check out their website right here.

Oh and if you're interested in attending the grand opening/closing of Kitchen is this coming Friday, so make sure you follow their Facebook page for updates on that!

Apart from that, this month I also fed new born kittens, rode a horse again for the first time in years, went to the beach and got incredibly sun burnt, carved patterns into clay, celebrated Kathy and Devi's birthday's with pre-drinks before a pretty mental night out, took way too many selfie's and received lots of exciting post!  

So what have you been up to this month? Do you use Instagram? You can find my account at @maisieejo if you want to keep up to date with all my Instagram posts! May kicked arse on my little corner of the planet, let's hope that June is just as fab!


Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Black Maxi Dress | OOTD


Maxi Dress - New Look | Garland - Primark | Pumps - Peacocks | Sunnies - Peacocks | Choker - Little Witch

Outfit posts are probably my favourite blog posts to both create and read. Sadly, the lack of time I have and the lack of money left in my bank account each month after expenses are paid, are the two culprits of why you don't see more of them on Love, Maisie, sigh.

I bought this dress in the New Look sale three years ago whilst making a fleeting trip to Staffordshire for Nolan's graduation. This Monday was the first time I wore it. The main thing that kept me from wearing it is that I stupidly got a size up thinking that I would need the extra room when I really didn't, so it's a little big and secondly, have you seen the plunge?!

It probably sounds like I don't like this dress, but I really do, it just took a lot of courage to actually wear it, three whole years Maisie, three, years! This is something really quite garish for me but now that I've worn it once I've discovered two things. Number one, I need to invest in some boob tape and number two, I must wear this dress with a pair of heels, some snazzy jewelry and a nice up do for some sort of party or event, don't you think it'd be fab?

As for the accessories, the sunglasses are my staple pair for this summer, they only cost me £4 in Peacocks, erm bargain! The floral crown was another steal, if I remember correctly, I picked it up in January from Primark for a pound. It still baffles me how Primark can have sale's on their already ridiculous prices. I'm not complaining mind! 

So what do you think of this maxi dress? Love it or leave it? Let me know below! I hope you're having an awesome weekend so far and let me know if you're up to anything wonderful over the next few days! Keep smiling!


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Kimono Lust List

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

So i'm a little obsessed with kimono's right now, as is the rest of the world, so I thought i'd pick out my current top 5 and share them with you! PS, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I made a kimono recently, let me know if you fancy a tutorial!

First up is this loose, floral kimono with cream tassels on the trim. I usually go for darker floral prints but there's something about this lighter print that gives it a really cool vintage feel, don't you think? This item is from Romwe and is currently on sale for just £11.50! I reckon this would make a fantastic festival piece too. 

My favourite of the five kimono's is this royal blue, lace number, holy wow! I think this would look awesome over a white bodycon dress and some sandals in the summer. Such a delicate piece but I really feel that it looks super smart. You can get this kimono from a store called Lucluc (also on sale) for just £16.

Of course there's a Topshop number thrown in there. Probably the most "me" style, being a dark floral print. I like that it has tassels on the arms but not around the hem, I think it adds a nice, casual touch. Being that this is from Topshop, the price tag is a little higher, coming in at £55, but hey, if you can treat yourself.. I totally would! 

This white and blue print kimono from Lipsy London is perfect for throwing over your bikini at the beach. Or even over a simple shorts and t-shirt combo to jazz a seemingly plain outfit up. Not a bad price either, just £28 from the Vila line at Lipsy, totally worth it.

Last up is this floral embroidery kimono from Mango. Again, slightly on the more pricey side. This bad boy will cost you just under £60 which I personally think is way too much for polyester but it does look beautiful! On the Mango website, the model rocks this kimono with a simple black tank top and black jeans which I think looks tres cool but you could wear this over just about anything!

So what are your thoughts on kimono's? Love them or nahhhh? Let me know below! I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far and remember, keep smiling!

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Balm Cosmetics | (Naughty) NUDE'tude Palette

The Balm Cosmetics Naughty NUDE'tude Palette
The Balm Cosmetics Naughty NUDE'tude Palette
(Naughty) NUDE'tude Palette | £30

This post is hella overdue, so i'm sorry for that! Back in January, ahem that's over four months ago now, whilst I was 30,000 feet above the ground, I was delighted to discover that you can pay with your card all the way up there, who knew?! So of course, I hit the beauty section to check out all the special offers and to cut a long story of folding corners on the in-flight magazine short, I spent too much money. 

One of the lovely things I picked up was this gorgeous eye shadow palette from The Balm Cosmetics (also available in the "nice" packaging but that's just boring isn't it!). I'd seen a couple of mixed reviews on this palette so of course, the curious little kitty in me decided I had to try it out!

As always, i'm sorry about the quality of my photography, it's still high up on my "things I need to master" list, i'll find time for that one day too.

As i'm sure you can tell, the palette is made up of 12, really lovely, nude shades ranging from pale, shimmery highlight shades like Sassy and Stubborn to deep, bold shades like Sexy and Serious. 

Sassy, Snobby, Stubborn, Stand-offish, Selfish, Sophisticated, Seductive and Silky all have a super high amount of shimmer to them whereas shades Sultry, Sexy, Serious and Sleek are matte shades although I can see glints of glitter but i'm almost 100% sure that's just come from the palette floating around my make up suitcase bag.

My favourite shades from this palette are Sassy, a really pigmented white shade, Stubborn, a peachy pink (both of which work really well together for a soft, day time look), Sexy, which in no way looks anything like it does it my swatch, sorry about that! It's a beautiful, deep burgundy shade and I also really love Silly, a lustful deep brown with red and brown glitters(again these two colours work great together but for a deeper/evening look)

As for application, I really don't like the doubled ended blending and liner brush that comes with the palette, so I tend to use my Zoeva brushes or the brush that comes with the original Naked palette, which loads of other bloggers seem to hate but I love it!

You all know i'm a lover of my Naked palette(thanks Kathy!) and more of you reading have probably tried that. Although this is also a neutral palette the shade ranges are quite different. They have a similar consistency but I feel as though the colours in the Nude'tude palette are of a slightly creamier consistency but none the less, they don't crease at all throughout the day. I don't tend to use eye primer either, I normally just use a dab of concealer, seems to do the job!

All of the colours are fairly pigmented but some of the lighter shades do need to be layer on if you want an exact shade match to how it looks in the pan.

As for the packaging, it's drop dead gorgeous! It also has a humongous mirror so it's perfect for on the go. It's super slim too so doesn't really take up much space at all!

I think this palette is a great buy for someone looking to start playing around with eye shadow, you can create a really wide range of looks ranging from soft, glowy day time looks to super deep, smokey evening looks! I've had loads of fun creating looks with it so far and I know i'll continue to do so!

Have you tried this palette before? What did you think? Let me know below!  
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