10 Reasons Why I'm Excited for Autumn/Winter This Year

So, if you have a twitter account and follow any amount of bloggers, you'll probably be aware that Thursday marked the official first day of autumn, woohoo! If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll be sure to know that for a million and one reasons, this is my absolute favourite time of year. So in celebration, I thought I'd put together
1. Being able to crack out the big ol' fluffy jumpers and cable knit cardigans! I love feeling all snuggled up and cosy, especially if I've got to go out in the cold weather. So finally being able to wear my favourite jumpers again is a true blessing, amen.

2. Cuddles under blankets, sans sweat. I'm a cuddler, probably even more so now that I'm all "needy" and pregnant and what not, but sometimes, it's just too damn hot to have a proper good cuddle. So, now that the temperature is cooling down, it means that cuddles are cute and comfortable any time of the day as oppose to being just gross and awkward in the  heat, sheesh.

3. Tartan. As I'm sure you're probably aware, autumn/winter is my favourite time of year for fashion. One of the big factors of my wardrobe that comes through in the autumn/winter time is tartan! Tartan scarves, shirts and pretty much anything that I can get my paws on.

4. Autumnal decor is possibly my new favourite thing since Christmas. In TKMaxx a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a large amount of autumnal wreaths that I just think would look adorable on your front door and even around the house! As a center piece or even on top of the fireplace, heck, let me buy five and I'm sure I'll put them all to good use.
10 Reasons Why I'm Excited for Autumn/Winter This Year 2 | Love, Maisie blog
5. Fairy lights. Okay, okay, I know you can have fairy lights up at any time of the year, and believe me in our house, they're up all year round, but you can actually put them to more use as the nights grow longer and the days grow darker. There's something so inviting about fairy lights, right? That and they look super tumblr.

6. Dark lipstick looks "acceptable" again! Okay, so maybe acceptable isn't the right word, but rocking a darker lip just seems to look nicer around this time of year, doesn't it? Speaking of which, would you like to see my favourite Autumnal lipsticks? (I may or may not already be planning this post and may or may not have already decided that yes, I am going to post about them)

7. Gigs! The best gigs always seem to occur in autumn/winter time, right?! Did I mention that we have tickets to see Panic! At The Disco in November because OMG I am beyond excited! My 13 year old self is so proud of the fact that I managed to get tickets in the five minutes before they sold out. #dedication #IloveyouBrendon

8. All of the wine red nail polish. My current favourite is the Rimmel London Lycra Pro in 391 Celebrity bash. Again, just like a dark lip, you could wear these shades all year round, but they just look "right" in the autumn!

9. I know I mentioned this in last years post but the countdown to Christmas begins, woohoo! As always, I can't wait for Christmas this year, but as soon as it's Christmas, it means that there's only one more month until baby Corbett arrives! How crazy is that!  

10. Feeling inspired. Maybe it's a combination of all of the above, but there's just something about autumn and winter that always seems to make me feel super inspired. I become more inspired to write and create and even get more inspired with my outfits! Which is your favourite season for inspiration?

So there we have it, 10 reasons why I'm excited for autumn/winter this year! Do you love this rime of year? Let me know! OH and also, I wrote a similar post this time last year! Did you catch it? Check out 20 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best Season, Ever right here(2015)!
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My goodness, I can't believe that I'm now over half way through my pregnancy(20weeks+2days today)! With that, also means that we have now found out the gender of our little blueberry, yaaaaaaaaaay! SO, Jack and I are so pleased to announce that we will be bringing a little baby... BOY into the world in January!
Baby Corbett Gender Reveal | Love, Maisie
So if you've spoken to me recently, you'll probably know that pretty much since the beginning of my pregnancy, I've been convinced that we're having a little boy, mother's intuition and all that, but even now it's been confirmed it's still doesn't quite feel real, ahhh! Of course, as I'm sure all you other mumma's out there know, the sonographer has to shout out a *lil disclaimer* that it's not 100% accurate until the baby is born.. but we asked her how confident she was and she pointed out all the "boy parts" to us, so I'm pretty sure we can get planning for a little boy!  

~~~Funny story, Jack has been dead convinced that we'd be having a little girl, so we decided to put a £20 bet on with each other. The odds were pretty good to be fair, but of course, I am now £20 better off!~~~

Of course, the main reason for your 20 week scan is to check that your baby is developing well and he's healthy and happy in there and thankfully, everything looks to be well! It was actually pretty amazing to watch as we got to see the heart beating from all different angels and we even got to see the different directions that the blood was flowing around the body! Also, teeny tiny baby feet, hands and nose ahhhhhh, so cute oh my goodness! We did also discover that my placenta is low and anterior but I'll talk more about that next week in my 19 + 20 week bump update

So there we have it! The news is out! Baby Corbett is going to be a little lad and I actually can't wait! Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? Do you want to find out? Let me know below!
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MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility(top) & Harmony(bottom) - £3.00 each
I think I first came across these lip lacquer's last November when I was out in Cheltenham with an old pal. They sort of fell out of my mind and as I'm more often in Boots than Superdrug, I didn't end up purchasing any to try out until last month! I went with two nudeish shades, those being Tranquility and Harmony

The MUA Luxe Velvet lip lacquer's are a steal at just £3 each, right? I do really rate the packaging for such a cheap product, I think the packaging makes it look a little more pricey! With it's gold lid and frosted tube, they're pretty instagramable aren't they? On the bottle it claims to be a long-wear matte finish lip lacquer, which I can confirm is mostly true. I've found both shades of this product to have a super matte finish which is wonderful and all.. but I wouldn't say that they're the most long-wearing lip lacquer's or matte lipsticks I've ever purchased. 

I find that they do apply smoothly and at first, glossy, before drying to a super matte finish. Application is easy peasy with the doe foot applicator, but I just don't feel as though they last that long at all! They both seem to flake and fade away in the middle of both my top and bottom lip (I assume where my saliva would be reaching). Although, I've found that luckily, you can top up a couple of times without it starting to look a little cakey.
Tranquility(top) and Harmony(bottom)
When I swatched in store, I adored these shades. Even when I swatched them at home I loved them! Tranquility is a subtle burn orange kind of shade whilst Harmony is more of a light peachy nude. That all changed when I applied these lip lacquers to my lips. PANIC, these shades just don't suit me at all! I really wish they did because I do really like the colours, I just feel a bit odd wearing them!

For £3, I'm definitely interested in trying out some other shades from this collection, but I wouldn't be overly fussed if I didn't. A similar product that I have tried that does last a lot longer are the Make Up Revolution Velvet lip lacquers, that and I do prefer the shades that I have from that collection! 

Have you tried the MUA LUXE velvet lip lacquers before? What did you think? Let me know below! 
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"If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it." - Ruthie Lindsey *img source
I am guilty of being a silent reader. There are so many talent bloggers and creatives that I follow whose posts I don't always comment on and I know we are all guilty of this! But I've decided that as of now, every time I read a blog post through, I'll leave a little comment, because I know how happy it makes me when people take a couple minutes out of their day to drop a little message to me! 

Here's this weeks challenge to take on if you will! If you see someone at the supermarket with a super amazing outfit, let them know! If you cross paths with someone who is having a great hair day, let them know too! It's little things like this that will make someone's day! If there is someone busking in the street and they've got real talent, let them know! Remind people how beautiful they are ❤︎
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Living Room Wishlist | Homewear | Love, Maisie
If all goes well, Jack and I will be moving sometime this month, woohoo, let the nesting begin! I originally intended for this post to be super budget friendly, but once I'd spent an hour on the internet finding beautiful pieces upon beautiful pieces, I just went all out and threw the budget in the toilet! So here's a bit of a pricey living room wishlist which also happens to have some sort of theme to it, go me!

At work, we have grey sofa's and I adore them, they look so stylish and I can image that having a grey sofa in your living room would make it really easy to change up the surrounding decor to match the season or your current colour palette. I found this sofa on the Habitat website for £495 which isn't really too bad for a sofa at all, but obviously with a baby on the way and 101 other things we also need to invest in, it's probably not the ideal price tag right now. I've decided to team grey with mustard/yellow for the Love, Maisie dream living room, so I found this cushion set on The Old Cinema London website and it'll cost you £45 for the pair. 

To go with your two or three seater, it's basically a rule that you need some form of single seater or armchair, right? This mustard Vaugh tufted slipper chair from Target is right up my street! The only problem is, although the chair itself is only £120, the shipping is £160 and tax fee's are £55! What a bummer! Of course, being the cliche, quote loving blogger that I am, I found this cushion on amazon and couldn't resit.

I think your coffee table is such a core piece for pulling a living room together. I spent what actually felt like hours trawling through the depths of the internet to find this pine beauty and have now decided that it is my dream coffee table, is that sad? I think the colour of pine/deep wood is another colour that can be worked with no matter your style preference or the season! The zinc tabletop adds a bit more character to it too and it looks pretty durable! 

With regards to lighting, I've kept it pretty simple for my dream living room! I initially just chose this wire copper hexagonal lampshade, which I must just say is a steal at just £10 from the Sass & Belle website, but then I stumbled across this rustic looking metal marquee heart light! A bit tacky? Maybe, but I love it all the same! Plus, for £14, you can really go wrong can you. 

As for art work, I went with this beautiful, limited edition floral antler print by Becci Mary Anne from the Wolf & Badger website. Sadly, the beaten looking frame isn't included, but I'm temped to email the brand and ask them where they bought that frame from because I kind of love it! I also really adore this minimalist print from Dot and Bo, titled Climbing Mountains. As well as featuring on the living room wall, I think this would look lovely in baby's nursery, what do you think? 

Practically, a clock and a telephone of some sort will probably come in handy, but that doesn't mean that you need to settle for a boring BT phone or rely on your cooker clock! For a funky clock, I chose this English mustard shade wall clock from Amara by Wild and Wolf. £30 is a bit steep for a clock if you ask me but I'm sure I could find a similar one for more than half the price if I had a good hunt! I decided to go quintessentially British for a telephone and found this retro beauty over on Trouva for £49.99. 

Last but not least, whilst I was on the Amara website, I found this adorable little Mad Hatter teacup and saucer! I've no idea where I'd put this in a living room? Maybe I'll need to invest in a bookcase/shelf to pop little bits and bobs on like this! You can grab this and plenty more from the Mrs. Moore's Vintage store collection right here.  

So there we have it! My little wishlist comes to a grand total of £1,223.49 before shipping, eek! I played the lottery this Friday and won £2.90, woop woop, so lets hope next week I win a little bit more! Let me know what you think of my living room wishlist. Is this a style/colour theme that you'd go for? Let me know below!
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