Saturday, March 23, 2013
So the other day I posted about my Avon order* that arrived and one of the two items was a glittery top coat! It's called fuchsia dazzle and I am in love! I decided to try it out on top of a pastel pink and this was the result!

My nails are quite short at the minute and I have horrible fingers, so sorry in advance.
Fuchsia dazzle top coat | AVON 2013 | Love, Maisie

I just think it's sooo cute, it reminds me of mini eggs(and I love mini eggs, who doesn't?), I just had to post about it! Next time I might try it out over a pastel blue or maybe even a green? I'll give anything a go when it comes to nails so I'm sure you'll here about it if I do.

What's your favourite nail trend at the minute? Let me know below!  
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*This product was bought and paid for, by me. 
2 comments on "FUCHSIA DAZZLE TOP COAT!"
  1. oooh i love the glitter! so cute! :) im loving pastel nails - i really want a pastel green too! :)

    1. Rimmel do a lovely pastel green! It's called "misty jade" it only cost me about £3 :) xx


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