Tuesday, March 12, 2013
I've always, always wanted to do one of these posts, so I decided today would be that day! Sorry for the quality of the photos, I was using my iPhone and there was no natural light, and that this post will probably interest 0.000% of the readers.

What's in my bag? 2013 | Love, Maisie

My notebook I'm forever writing ideas down!
Bobby Pins they're a girls best friend.
Forever Friends lip balm you've gotta keep your lips hydrated!  
Rose Quartz
Spring Water If there isn't a bottle of water in my bag, then there's something wrong.
Impulse body spray always fresh.
Vegan multivitamins and minerals
Tissues essential!

Amongst all this are countless receipts, hair bands and a lot of.. well, crap! I do try to keep my bag neat and organised but it always ends up so messy! My key bunch is also in there but it's ridiculously massive, it's got a SpongeBob ty teddy on it! What do you have in your bag?

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