The Charcoal Challenge !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
Money Supermarket kindly sent me £50 to participate in the charcoal challengecompetition (click the link to see if you too can participate and to read more info!) in which I had to host a BBQ for under £50!

We made a leafy garden salad, had cubes and slices of cheese on a plate, thai crackers, tiger bread buns and olives all set out and ready to nibble on! I even bought some candles to create, well y'know, atmosphere. I also found these super cute daisy napkins and couldn't resist! 

Mr Nolan enjoying being a BBQ master! 
As for drinks, we served up pure orange juice, flavoured water and Lambrusco! 
nibble nibble!Seeing as i'm a veggie we decided to make some vegetable skewers! We used mushrooms, onions and peppers, yummy!
Beef Skewers going down a treat!

Veggie burger heaven ^.^
Nolan marinated some pork shoulder which everyone also loved!
The lamb chops were gobbled up quickly too!
The BBQ master himself creating a double decker!
Overall, I had a really great time and it would seem that everyone else did too thanks to money supermarket! I'd say if you look hard enough through the supermarket, you can have a great BBQ on £50 just like we did! We ended up having enough(or rather more than enough) food for five people!
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2 comments on "The Charcoal Challenge !"

    And oh my gosh what a beautiful view!

    1. It was delicious :3 mmmm!
      Thank you :D


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