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Quote of the week #12

Monday, August 26, 2013
I hope you're not suffering from the Monday blues too much!
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Quote for myself
"Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need."
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20 Things I Love this Friday #10

Friday, August 23, 2013
Nolan's in the UK this weekend so he's missing his birthday(Sunday) so it's not such a happy Friday this week!
001: This little guy and his ted
002: Making things with fruit
No one does it better | via Tumblr
003: These sunnies
fashion 2013 sur Tumblr
004: Pizza (Do I say this every Friday? oops)
sim sala bim | via Tumblr
005: Perfect fishtail braids
Fishtail | Tumblr
006: This dream catcher
Follow Me On Tumblr
007: Building dens at midnight
008: OBEY jumpers
girl | Tumblr
009: Funny shop sign's/messages
010: Not caring what others think about you
i don't care🎀
011: Two tone candyfloss hair
Fudge This Shit | via Tumblr
012: Rainbow cake
013: When your cat just really wants to help out
fit girl | via Tumblr
014: Being kind to strangers (and everyone else)
And don't judge..
015: Creative eye make up
:) | via Tumblr
016: This pair of nike's
Air Max 1
017: People with creative imagination's
018: Animal's in love
this is sempiternal | via Tumblr
019: This guinea pig
Ride! by ~mystlone77 on deviantART
020: Katy Perry - Roar
I hope everyone has a fab Friday and a lovely weekend!
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Get the look: Miley Cyrus

Thursday, August 22, 2013
In my second ever "20 things I love.." I posted this photo of Miley's Chicago Bull's shirt and heels look and I honestly really love it, so I thought i'd try to re create the look for you!
You can grab yourself a Chicago Bull's Jersey here for £38.99. If you've got the cash, you can go vintage here in red!
The shoes that Miley is wearing are silver Paloma Sandals from YSL(No longer available online). Their original price was $1,195(£765). But Miley has been spotted wearing them quite a few times, see here, here and here, so maybe they were worth the money?! Miley also owns the gold pair of these heels and you can buy them online here at a sale price of $478(£305) Alternatively, you grab this look a likey pair for around £17! Bargain! 
I'm not going to say that this flat cap is an exact match because I can not find a photo of the front of it, but this flat cap is black and is green under the snap, just like Miley's. This flat cap has been seen on the likes of Ashley Benson!
Miley rocks a pair of white hot pants/short shorts which are super easy to pick up. Try this HnM pair!
Accessorise this look with lots of gold jewellery/acsessories. Marc Jacobs Watch, Juicy Couture bracelet, on sale NOW for £20.62 (save 42%), topshop mixed size chain and this topshop triangle spike necklace
Now, if you're gonna rock Miley's look, you need to grab yourself some bold red lipstick! Mac have some great shades, you can check them out here
What do you think of Miley's style? Do you love it or hate it? & would you rock this outfit?
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At home wishlist!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
I've been spotting some really awesome home pieces lately so I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you!
Periodic table shower curtain - Epic right? Why wouldn't you want one!? This would actually be brilliant for those of you studying chemistry in school! It'll only cost you around £20 too!
 Funky armchair - A little bit of an unrealistic wish list item, coming in at around £9,000-£10,000 no matter how much I wish for it, I highly doubt this will ever be in my possession
Elephant ring holder - ON SALE NOW, just £6, isn't is adorable?
Hand ring holder - Also, on sale NOW for £6, asos sure are banging out some bargains! I've actually wanted one of these forever.
Butterfly mirror - Standing at £788.29 I think this is another too much of a wishful thinking moment, but it really is beautiful.  
Handheld mirror - Every girl needs a vintage inspired handheld mirror, don't they?
Love heart candles - Cute right? £5 now at topshop
Teapot/cup - A floral tea pot? Yes please!
Tea, coffee, sugar pots - For what it is, I think £42 is a little pricy but I do think they're adorable and would also make a great new home gift!
Necklace stand - Modcloth never disappoint!
Cat table lamp - It's a lamp, in the shape of a cat, awesome! They also have lamp's in the shape of a rabbit and a piggy!

Are there any home décor pieces you're lusting over at the moment? Let me know!
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Polyvore Style Board #14

Monday, August 19, 2013

Browsing through the topshop website I found these amazing shorts and couldn't not blog about them! I really love the Aztec embroidery up the sides. There's been quite a few Aztec themed items on my wishlist lately! This pair of shorts will set you back £38 which for topshop isn't too bad.

I decided to keep this outfit mainly on the monochrome side, with a few extra little touches. One of those little touches is this French Connection clutch! I really love this deep but shimmery shade of blue! It sort of reminds me of mermaids and we all know I love mermaids. You can grab this baby from the hut for just £39. I really think it's a perfect party item. It's small which is convenient for going out and it's bright and looks fantastic!

Next up is this fab statement necklace from shop jeen. If you haven't heard of them, you need to get over there, now! I repeat, now! They'e got everything from sweetie inspired jumpers to hotdog shaped pouches and dumb sh*t gum to t'shirts with hamsters dressed as kings! But right now, what I've really got my eye on is this necklace! I love the comic book feel it has and the fact that the letter's are almost dripping, just fab fab fab!

Peep toed heels are a favourite of mine as I find them super comfortable. This particular pair are from new look purely because I know how comfortable new look's heels are! Because honestly, who wants to be wearing pretty shoes if you're gonna have ugly feet after wearing them?

Current Obsessions: motivational wall plaques and baby elephants!
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Quote of the week #11

You can't.
"You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one."
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20 Things I love this Friday #9

Friday, August 16, 2013
 Happy Friday everyone! Had a good week?
001: Everything about this photo
002: Breakfasts like this
003: Cat Topshop Shopping Bags
004: Bleached Denim
005: This bedroom
006: These Romwe Shorts
Daisy Embellished Edge Denim Shorts
007: Purple hair
008: Glow in the dark mushrooms
009: Baby deer
010: A budgie on a skateboard, on a skateboard!
011: Blonde bobs
012: This make up
013: This bed frame
014: Chocolate covered strawberries
015: Fat cats
016: Cute hanging plant pots
017: YSL nails
018: This purse
019: Massive my little pony toys
020: Olly Murs' cover of "Don't you Worry Child"
I hope you all have a great Friday!
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Rihanna @ River Island, Autumn/Winter 13/14 collection {first thoughts?}

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
*Photo heavy post*
So as i'm sure you all know, Rihanna has been working with River Island for quite some time now and a preview of some of her new autumn/winter pieces are now available! As for the price range, you're looking at £15-£200 so if you're loving the look of this preview, it might be a good idea to start saving up your pennies! It's set to hit the store's September through till November, so you've got a while to get saving!

Personally, I think this collection reflects Rihanna's own personal style to a tee which is great for all the massive fans. I'm personally not a massive fan of Rihanna, although she does have some great tunes, but I am loving a few of these items, especially the burgundy striped maxi dress and the camo leggings!
Here's a sneak peak video that River Island uploaded, what have you got your eye on? What pieces do you think you'll be rocking this autumn from this collection?
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