20 Things I love this Friday #8

Friday, August 09, 2013
Happy Friday everyone! This week seems to have gone by so quickly, so sorry for the lack of posting, life just gets in the way sometimes!
001: THIS
beautiful | via Facebook
002: Chanel cupcakes
alaska | via Tumblr
003: Red heads
004: Micky + Minnie
005: Really cute kitties that look out for each other
Cute Cat
006: Snow White
Snow White | via Tumblr
007: These light shades
free | via Facebook - inspiring picture on
008: Cute paper clips
009: Girls who skate
(6) blonde girl | Tumblr
010: Insane coloured ice cream
purple-green ice-cream
011: This tote
Steel City's Finest | via Tumblr
012: Candyfloss
Cotton Candy <4
013: Killer views
YMC | via Tumblr
014: Mermaids
Sereia | via Facebook
015: Bejazzled bustier's
Fashion is my passion † | via Facebook
016: This
017: These D&G babies
Untitled | via Tumblr
018: Taylor Swift
019: These bad boys
Untitled | via Tumblr
020: Taylor Swift's Journey to Fearless (If you have a spare 2 hours)
I hope you all have a brilliant weekend!
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2 comments on "20 Things I love this Friday #8"
  1. I've seen the Lord Voldemort bag before, I totally want one! Definitely going to re-watch Taylor Swift's Journey to Fearless! I love her so much! --Alice x

    1. Isn't it awesome!? I'm pretty much in love with Taylor haha! xx


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