Gifts from Camden!

Friday, September 06, 2013
So recently, my boyfriend ventured off to the UK for a wedding and he decided(as it was also his birthday) to spend some time in London! Although he wasn't at home for his birthday, he had a great time and even went to see Phantom of the Opera! He also took a trip to Camden(which actually brought back quite a few funny and odd stories, it's a shame he doesn't blog really!) and brought me back a few bits and pieces and I just wanted to share them with you because I love them!

Banksy tote // Gameboy iPhone case // Pocket watch necklace // Obey crop top (similar) // Chanel crop top

Isn't this such a perfect bundle of gifts! I particularly love the pocket watch necklace as I kind of have a thing for pocket watches. Everyone's been commenting on my phone case, loving it as much as I do! I mean c'mon, it's Gameboy and it's pink! I think these two crop tops will become staple items in my wardrobe, already planning outfit posts with them! The banksy tote bag is actually from Nolan's mum(aww) isn't it epic?  

All I have to say now is thank you Nolan! I am a very lucky girly!
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2 comments on "Gifts from Camden! "
  1. OMG i adore than chanel top! but more importantly, where is your duvet set from? that's just gorgeous!! so, my name necklace is from here :

    hopefully you see something in there you like! x

    1. My duvet set is from Morrisons! I got it a while ago but I think they still sell it! Aww thank you! xx


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