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Wednesday, October 09, 2013
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1 // £38 I'm really loving orange at the moment so this fluro blouse is just perfect!
2 // £22 I don't think I've owned a velvet item of clothing since I was about 6 years old! These floral leggings are just so pretty!
3 // £8 each Topshop Lips in "Brighton Rock," "Ohh La La" and "Really Ruby" I couldn't pick just one could I?!
4 // £95 THE perfect coat which I may just be purchasing with my cigarette money!
5 // £30 I think if this backpack came into my possession i'd have to stick patches and other such things all over it! I've actually got an Ariel(The little mermaid) one ready to iron on to something!
6 // £25 In love with this pork pie hat! They've got quite a few colours to choose from but if it comes in black, i'll have it!
7 // £46 I'm loving the double print on this tunic dress, pair this with some nice thick tights and pair of boots and you're sorted!
8 // £5 Once again, the current love for orange shinning through!  
9 // £46 Another dress because I could really do with broadening my collection! I love how simple this one is so you can style in up with a bit of bling or style it down! Collars
10 // £39 The last item on my wishlist is this really funky piece by Freak of Nature!

Would you rock any of these pieces? What're you looking at getting your paws on from topshop at the moment? 

5 comments on "TOPSHOP Wishlist "
  1. ahh Topshop, if only they were in Canada!

    1. Damn, I don't know what i'd do without topshop :p Do they not ship to Canada?

  2. I love Topshop hehe~ my favourite things on your list is the cute peter pan collar dress, it's so pretty:D Great post, thanks for sharing! x

    1. No problem! I don't know what i'd do without topshop hehe

  3. Love the orange shirt, brought the red double pattern dress the other day :)



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