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So, what happened this year?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So, once again, it's New Year's Eve, scary! I know every single blog post has said the same thing but seriously, where has the year gone?! I decided to do a little round up post of some of the things I've done this year!
JANUARY: Kathy, Nolan and myself spent a day up the rock and at the Alemeda gardens like true tourists! Nolan and I adopted Sir Toby! Also, myself and three others were possessed to take this photo (the third one) during a birthday pub crawl/challenge.
FEBRUARY: I flew to the UK and spent a much needed week with my mum and little brothers. I visited whole foods for the first time and it was spectacular!
MARCH: The Life Of Maisie was created, aww! I decided to re cut in my fringe, don't worry it's gone now. I tried veggie bacon, it was horrible.
APRIL: I moved house and found this magnet, classy I know. I turned nineteen and had an epic fancy dress pub crawl/party! My boyfriend was dressed as Steve Irwin and he looked fabulous. I was really, really broke this month.
MAY: A barista at Starbucks spelt my name correctly! It was also spelt wrong about 50 times. I flew to Paris for Kathy's 20th birthday and it was perfect. We visited the Eifel tower, went to Disney Land and even went to see the Moulin Rouge! We also had our first swim of the year.
JUNE: I had a load of time off work in the summer so spent my days at the beach or by the pool.
JULY: In the middle of July, Nolan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary, how cute are we? I wrote a post for EtailPR's blog! I was even lucky enough to take part in the charcoal challenge!
AUGUST: Nolan turned 24, ooaaa!
SEPTEMBER: We all went to the Gibraltar Music Festival and saw Olly Murs, Lawson, Texas, Emilie Sande and loads more, it was a perfect day!
OCTOBER: I interned backstage at Runway Select Gibraltar and I met a load of really great people. I got to dress up twice for Halloween and Stefano had the best costume! I made veggie burrito's for the first time! We carved the most awesome pumpkin that there ever was!
NOVEMBER: I dyed my hair gingery brown and blonde. I flew to the UK for my mum's wedding and it was honestly the most beautiful day of 2013! I got to spend time with all of my family and it was just so wonderful and magical!
DECEMBER: The Life Of Maisie SHOP officially opened for business! I had a fantastic Christmas and I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful year! How did you spend your 2013? I hope you've all had a brilliant year and are ready to welcome 2014 with welcome arms!

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December Wishlist! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
So I guess it's a bit late for a December wishlist? Oh well! Here it goes!

First of all, lets talk about this jacket! I found it whilst scrolling through H'n'M online and I couldn't believe it was only £34.99! I love the white/grey colour and think it's just perfect for this time of year!

If you haven't heard of Urban Decay's Naked Palette's then you must have been living under a rock! The Naked 3 palette is a 12 colour set of rose-hued neutrals—from pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with rosy red micro-glitter, including my personal favourites Buzz, Mugshot + Blackheart. Coming in at $52 which, according to the internet, is around £32! There are two other Naked palette's before this one which cost the same amount, so if you've got a spare £100 in your bank account, I highly recommend getting your paws on some of the Urban Decay Palette's!

Right, who doesn't want at least one EOS sphere?

Isn't this clutch the cutest little thing you've ever seen!? I adore the snake skin look and the colours are so magical.

Lastly, check out these killer boots! I think these will be the first £30 I spend in 2014! I love everything from the buckle's to the cut outs. I've been meaning to buy myself a pair of flat boots but i'm sure I can hold out a little longer and just grab another pair of heeled ones!

I hope everyone's had a lovely Christmas and you've managed to do everything you've wanted to do and see all the people that mean the most to you. I hope you all got something wonderful under the tree!
What was on your December wish list?

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Six Fab Christmas Jumpers!

Sunday, December 22, 2013
(From Left to right)
Christmas Cat // Christmas Pudding // Reindeer // Pink Reindeer // Bah Hum Bug // Ya Filthy Animal

From cat's wearing fairy lights to preppy pattern's, Christmas jumpers have become a pretty big part of the entire festive season! So today I thought i'd share with you some of my current favourites that I've been peeping at online! Some of them costing as low as £7! Grab yourself one before they're all gone!
Do you have a favourite festive jumper? I'd love to see it!

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My Top 3 Jackets Right Now!

Saturday, December 14, 2013
So this year, I've discovered a newfound love for jackets/coats! I've never really been too bothered about my outwear but this year there's been quite a selection around to choose from!

This first jacket, I own myself, and it's honestly been the best purchase of the year! It set me back £95 in topshop but i'm so glad I chose to splash a little! Worth every penny I tell ya! I love the overall style of parka jackets and this one in particular is so comfortable and really kept me warm when I was back in the UK last month. The jacket actually has a detachable lining, which includes the insanely fluffy hood, so it'll still be wearable into next year once the weather starts warming up a little.
If you're still looking at buying a new coat I would really recommend this one! It's also available in petite and tall, let me know if you make a purchase!
This second coat I actually spotted in Dorothy Perkins a few days ago and I fell in love! The inner girly girl in me is coming out this season and I love it! This jacket is super soft and makes me feel like a princess! I haven't bought it, yet, but I've tried it on and I very nearly walked out the shop with it still on! It has such a flattering shape to it which I seem hard to find in coats that are practical. Standing at £59, you'll be bagging yourself a bargain if you ask me! It's safe to say if you're in possession of this bad boy, i'm very jelly.
Last but certainly not least is another topshop number that I spotted just yesterday that's a) beautiful b) on sale and c) see a! I've never owned a leather jacket but I always seem to lust over them! I adore the furry collar(it's detachable should you not love it like I do) and although I've not yet tried this one on, it looks super snug! I've seen so many people recently with a little leather jacket so I've decided that every girl needs one! At least, that's what i'm telling myself whilst putting it in my basket..
Have you got a favourite jacket/coat right now? I'd love to see what everyone's loving right now!
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OMG, I haven't blogged since Halloween!

Saturday, December 07, 2013
Holy crap, hello! I actually can't believe it's the seventh of December and I haven't written a blog post since Halloween which was like thirty seven days ago!! Arghhh! So much has happened in those thirty seven days! I'll just get started shall I?

I interned at Runway Select backstage! (HUGE post coming up!)
One of my friends Noelle was modelling!
Nolan and I carved an awesome pumpkin! I even filmed it but it never made it to youtube, sorry!
Nolan and I had loads of fun on Halloween with face paint!
My friend Stefano had an awesome costume!
So did my friend Kathy!
And my friend Franke!
And Kaylan!
I had my nails done with these two beautiful colours just before I flew to the UK.
A photo of me attempting to sort out a very tangled necklace.
I had to work on Halloween night so I drew on my face and wore children's hair accessories!
Oh look it's me and my favourite girlys!
Toby didn't want us to go to the UK aww!
Oh I dyed my hair! Excuse this facial expression..
I didn't have a proper panic attack on the plane!
Soya Chai tea latte please!
Train shenanigans
My mum's dog fell in love with Nolan
She's a beauty isn't she?
Love you
Airport shopping forever.
Chinese mushroom curry with CHIPS
Sexy photo of myself, my mummy and my little bro!
The beautiful Lashes of London Dress I wore for my mums wedding!
The morning of my mum's big day!
Tying the knot!
I love this photo, love you muma!
Masks of course!
Fallen in love with this lipstick.
I've eaten a lot of cake in the past thirty seven days.
Being super duper sexy in Morrisons
Decorating gingerbread Christmas trees! (and the eating them of course!)
Going to see Kim perform with her choir.
Wearing my perfect jacket!
Getting in to fights with the cat, ouch.
Being romantical and stuff with Nolan
AMAZING veggie curry at the casino!
My best friend passed her driving test, woo hoo!
I went to Hollie April's EP launch. You can check her out here.
Adorable packaging!
The nicest spinach Pie I've ever eaten!
Teeny tiny lemon curd and jam tarts!

It was truly delicious!
Hand of Fatima Bracelet
I FINALLY opened my bracelet shop! You can check it out here!

So I've done a few major things and a load of little things and in between all that I've been working my normal job and working really hard to get all my bracelets made for the shop! And now it's nearly Christmas! Scary stuff!
I'll be right back into the blogosphere asap, I've missed blogging a lot and I really appreciate it if you've stuck around!  
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*All images belong to myself unless otherwise stated!