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Two Of My Best Friends Got Married | Photo Diary

Friday, November 14, 2014
On Friday the 31st of October, two of my best friends tied the knot! It was a really beautiful day filled with smiles and sore faces. I just wanted to share a few photos that I took through out the day with you all!
Happy Friday, keep smiling and watch out for flying bouquets ♡

November Beauty Wishlist

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Mac Brush Cleanser | NARS, Limited Edition Hardwire Liptick, Shade Deadly CatchRimmel London's Wake Me Up concealer | Urban Decays' Naked 3 PaletteHoney by Marc Jacobs | Ted Baker Cream Montone Large Pv Bow Washbag | Fishnet Stockings by Essie | O.P.I Gwen Holiday Collection, Just BeClause

So this month's beauty wishlist isn't as hefty as usual, still a pretty good pick though don't ya think? This first item is something i've been seeing all over the blogospehere lately and I think i'm going to pop into town on my lunch break tomorrow and snap it up. It's Mac's brush cleanser. Apparently it cleans with ease and leaves your make up brushes like new! You can grab it online at Selfridges for £11.

Hello the most glamorous lipstick you've ever seen! This lippy is part of Nars' new limited edition Hardwire collection. I believe there are two other shades available, but this is hands down, beautiful! Perfect for the festive season, ho ho ho! Unfortunately I can't find it on a UK/European website so I don't know when or where it's going to be available, sorry! If you do know, let me know below!  

I'm sure you've all heard of Rimmel London's Wake Me Up concealer, pretty much every beauty blogger/vlogger has voiced their opinion on it at some point or another. I'm currently using the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and don't get me wrong, I love it, but i'm starting to lean towards more dewy concealers, I just think they highlight so much nicer wow fantastic use of words! Currently available at Boots for £5.49. 

I'm not even going to write anything about this next product because I talk about it all the time. Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette is avaliable from Debenhams for £37, go ooooon, treat yourself! 

Who else is sort of obsessed with the scent of Honey by Marc Jacob's  perfume? Raise your hands! It's certainly more of a summer scent but who's gonna stop me bending the rules a little bit? You can buy a 50ml bottle from Boots for £49.50 but if you're reading this from Gibraltar, Seruya probably have it at a slightly lower price, get bargain hunting! 

How gorgeous are Ted Baker's make up bags?! I think this make up bag has been on a wishlist before but... just look how beautiful it is! You can bag it right here for £28.99!

Last but not least we have these two super festive nail polishes! The first is "Fishnet Stockings" by Essie. It's such a perfect deep red shade for this time of year! The other polish is from O.P.I from their Gwen Holiday Collection and it's called Just BeCluase, their shade name's are always on point! Another festive colour, I need to get my claws on this luxurious, deep purple. PS, I highly suggest clicking through and checking out the names of all the shades in this collection, they're pure brilliance! 

So there we have it, November's beauty wishlist! How is it already the 12th of November? This year's flow by! What are you lusting over this month? Let me know!

Can You Hear The Silence | OOTD

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dress - Dorothy Perkins(similar) | Jacket - Bershka | Boots - Primark

If you've been reading my little blog for a while now, you'll remember this post where I picked up this beautiful smock dress up from good ol' Dotty P's for £6.50! I promised i'd re style it for winter so here we are! Also, holla at these totes amazeballs poses.... 

I snatched up this jacket in Berska a couple of weeks ago whilst visiting Portugal. I was filtering through the usual rubbish you find on a sale rail and dear lord I think I did a little dance when I found this baby! I was a bit strapped for cash so I decided to have a wonder round the other stores just in case I found anything a little cheaper, although I can't complain, I think it was abut £25! But of course, when I decided to give in and go back to grab it, it had gone. Luckily enough, the next day we visited another city that also had a Bershka and I found my jacket, woohoo! The panic was over!

You can't see it too well in these photo's but the jacket has a little grey hood that's actually detachable, but I think it's a super cute accessory for your pretty much standard pleather jacket, don't ya think?

I really think this smock dress works so well with the jacket and Chelsea boots combo! These puppies are actually from Primark! I've worn them a couple of times now and they're still in fabulous condition. The rubber and imitation leather material used is quite thick so I think they'll do me for the rest of the season, at least! They cost me 15 which is around £12, bargain!

So what do you think of this look? Love it, or leave it? Let me know below! P.S, the Bershka jacket is still on sale! P.P.S, you get 10 points if you know where the title of this post is from 

Quote of the Week | #48

Monday, November 10, 2014

"Beauty Begins the moment you decide to be yourself" - Coco Chanel

So I'm going to talk about something that's been sort of a hot topic on the internet lately. That being natural beauty. As i've mentioned in the past, i've always struggled with my self image, as I know most men and women do at some point in their life.

I think the most important message I want to get across in this post is not to compare yourself to others, especially celebrities. It's so easy to compare yourself to someone you don't really know and someone that you only see parts of their life via the papers/the internet etc. Nobody is perfect, but we all have the power to find the beauty within ourselves. 

I love make up, if you didn't know that by now then, you've clearly just been looking at the pictures and not reading the posts, op. I can hold my hands up high and say that I have hidden behind my make up for years and some days, I still do. Fortunately, i've realised that I can have no make up days and still feel comfortable! Sometime when i'm feeling comfortable, i'll still choose to put make up on because I enjoy doing so, that's what make up should be used for. Because you want to, not to hide behind. 

Don't let anyone change who you really are, especially the media. Keep smiling  

4 Quick + Easy Plait Hairstyles ♡ | VIDEO

Sunday, November 09, 2014

I'm back with another youtube video! I know I said it'd be every Thursday but I missed two whole weeks so I thought i'd get this one up straight away! So here are 4 quick and super easy plait/braid hairstyles! I hope you like it, let me know what you think below!

P.S, if you fancy donating me your thumps then please do so ♡
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Jumper Lust | BlackFive

Saturday, November 08, 2014

So, a couple of posts back I mentioned that i'd found, and fallen in love with, an online store called BlackFive and seeing as it's officially winter now(I actually have no idea if it's "officially" winter but it's really freakin' cold, so for me, it's winter), I thought it was only right to put together a little jumper wishlist lustlist!

So this first item isn't technically a jumper, more of a cardigan, but it was too gorgeous to leave out! It's also available in a black and a white but the beige one is the one for me ♡ I love big chunky pieces for this time of year, not only are they super cosy but they go with anything. Pair this with a pair of boots, jeans and a tee and you're sorted! Currently available for £17.91

Despite having to wear burgundy everyday throughout my high school years, it's a colour that i've now become quite attached to! Just your standard cable knit sweat with some distressed areas, another item that'd go with anything! Pop a pleather jacket on for a really on trend look this season! Really don't think i'm "blogger" enough to say that but hi. Grab it for £21.75 right here

Due to my terrible eyesight and my ridiculously shit attention span, at first glance I thought the pattern on this jumper was just white, holla at me if you thought the same, but once I opened it up in my browser I saw that it's actually multi-tone! There's a bit of pink, yellow, blue, green and ugh it's just fantastic! It has a slightly wider neck line than the burgundy jumper which makes me like it a little more, it's a little cheaper too! £18.55!

You didn't think i'd write up a wishlist without something pink in it did you? This is a loose fitting jumper, which I love, because it means extra comfort and room for more layers of course! It's also available in light blue and black! £22.39 and it's yours!

I thought this next one was subtly festive with the snowflake decor around the neckline. Plus, it's grey, one of the easiest colours to wear! You can keep it simple with monochrome or jazz it up a bit with a big, fluffy, red scarf to feel extra festive! Available online for £17.27!

Last but not least is this dreamy "light green" cable knit I say "light green" as it looks more of a duck egg blue colour to me hey ho. Another loose fitting piece, this one looks even more delicate and cosy than the pink sweater, don't ya' think? Also available in both red and white, perfect for the festive season! Can you tell i'm excited yet? Another bargain at just £19.19

So which of these BlackFive beauties is your favourite? Until the 11th of this month you can actually get 5% off when you buy one jumper or cardigan, but 20% off when you buy two! Oh and did I mention that they ship worldwide, for free! Hashtag, not a sponsored post haha.

Halloween Nail Art | Tutorial #1

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hey everyone! How excited are you that it's Halloween in just THREE days?! If you haven't already noticed, I love Halloween!

So I decided as part of "Halloween week" here on the blog, I thought i'd give you guys an awesome nail art tutorial, so here it is! If you're like me and find it hard enough deciding what make up/hair/costume to wear on Halloween, nails just become a bit of chore don't they? But here's a super awesome way to do your nails for Halloween that will go with literally any costume, plus, it only takes five minutes! I hope you like it!
So to start, you'll need to prepare the surface that you're working on as it's going to get quite messy! I just used a piece of paper, but i'd suggest using something a bit more durable like an old cloth or something. You'll also need a straw, a red nail polish of your choice, I used Barry M's "Red Wine" and a white nail polish of your choice, any odd one will do. I've had this one for ages, my old flat mate gave it to me, I don't even know what make it is, but it did the job!
The first thing you're going to have to do is paint all your nails white. You don't need to be particularly neat right now as you're going to have to clean up around the edges later anyway.
Next is the fun part! So what you're going to do is simply take your straw and pop it inside the red nail polish until it's completely saturated with polish. Then, BLOW! From a distance of about 30cm, gently blow into the straw, towards your nails. I found that I got the best effect by sort of shaking my head in the process too!(innuendo's galore..PLEASE make sure you don't breathe IN the nail polish! 
All that's left to do now is clean up! Using cotton pads or buds soaked in acetone/nail polish remover, clean around the nail and on your fingers/hands(trust me, it gets everywhere!), and viola! There you have it! Your blood spattered nails! I'm sorry that this last photo is half blurry, I didn't realise when I took them, oops! They'll go with any Halloween costume! I really hope that has inspired/helped some of you! If you try this out, please send me photos on Twitter(@thelifeofmaisie) or Instagram(@maisieejo), I'd love to see them!

So, if you haven't already heard, I started my very own youtube channel! You can check out my first video here and make sure to subscribe as i've got an awesome Halloween video coming this Thursday, woop!
Happy (almost) Halloween everyone!
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Quote of the Week | #47

Monday, October 27, 2014

"Be in love with your life, every minute of it"

I think people spend so much time fantasising about what their life could be like and comparing their life to others', whether that's a friend's or celebrities, rather than actually enjoying their own! Before you know it, we'll all be 60 years old and thinking, damn why did I never do this or that.

Live a bit more in the now and enjoy it! You're probably a lot more fortunate than you think!
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Polyvore Style Board | #41

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Keeping it quite simple this week, yet again. I'm not boring am I?

I've always had a thing for New Look, to the point where i'm seriously contemplating starting up a petition to get one opened here in Gibraltar! Who's with me? This dress is something that's being duped at every single high street store this season, but this is the best price i've found so far, just £19.99. I honestly took forever to create this style board because I kept finding loads of great ways to style the dress!

You all know that I have a problem with boots, i've accepted that now, ha! How lush are these though? The whole, chunky cut out boot thing was massive last autumn/winter and it's still massive now! These are too from New Look so of course you get a great price with the, £29.99. I think they add to the rocker esk feel of this dress. Although, I think tights would be a pretty good idea as you don't want your pins freezing off.

If you don't know where the reference on this hat is from, close this tab right now, unless you're willing to google it and then come back, that'd be okay. Also, where have you been for the last ten years? Hats are pretty much my way of saying, i'm having a shit hair day and the fact that this one has a Mean Girls slogan on it just makes it 100% more desirable. I found this beanie on a site called Modekungen which i'd never heard of before, but they offer free shipping worldwide, so i'll be back on there as soon as pay day hits!

I am in love with this bag, really in love. Again, I think it just compliments the outfit perfectly. I love the little touch of gold hard ware on the handle, side and bottom. It's actually half price right now, down from $140 to $75 which I think is around £45, not bad at all!

Last but not least is this chunky, gold necklace.  I didn't want to accessorise the dress too much as I feel that it just really didn't need it. The necklace adds a nice touch to the whole look though, just enough bling to help bring it all together. This item is also on sale for only £6!

What do you think of this look? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know!
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