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Wednesday, February 26, 2014
The last item in my little Lush stash was this gorgeous bath bomb! Fear not, i'll be visiting the UK in March so i'll stock up on all my favourite goodies then!

This little beauty is actually one of Lush's original bath bombs and it's no surprise that it's a best seller. By far one of the most fragrant bath bomb's I have ever used! On first impact with the water it didn't seem to "fizz" as much as I thought it would, but with a little added help (and by that I mean me swishing my hand around the bath crumbling the remains of the bath bomb, yes I used the whole thing!) the bathtub soon turned a delightful purple shade and smelt incredibly inviting! Infact, it reminded me of Parma violets, which I love! I even found this little note inside, aww!
Lush say that the frankincense and bergamot oils in this bath bomb are especially good for you if you're feeling anxious or restless. I do have to admit that I did feel incredibly relaxed in Sunday nights bath.
I think this bath bomb would be perfect for any one as not only does it leave you feeling calm and relaxed it leaves your skin feeling silky soft, just like Lush's bubble bar "a French kiss" see my review here
Have you tried this bath bomb? Go on, treat yourself! I'll definitely be buying it again! Will you?
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