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Polyvore Style Board #32

Sunday, April 20, 2014

As it was my birthday on Wednesday, my friend Samantha met me after work and took me shopping and I picked up these (beyond) perfect leggings from Topshop. They're rather thick so they're actually acceptable to wear down town and everything stays where it should stay which is fab too! I just thought they were something funky and a little bit different that would really jazz up a casual outfit. You can order them online for £25, but I got mine in store on sale!
This little cotton cami top is from River Island for £8 but I know peacocks sell really similar silky ones (like the ones from topshop that everyone has but are, honestly, ridiculously over priced) in about five different colours for £6! I could live in these cami's, they're just so comfortable and practical for the warmer weather!
I've started wearing sandals already. I did suffer terribly the first three of four days with painful blisters between my toes.. gross. I found these cuper cute sandals over on Aeropostale(who FYI, post worldwide) for just over £12 which is pretty good! There are four different colours available but of course, black will always trump any other colour with me!
Once again, I've put a clutch in to this style board. This envelope clutch is from John Lewis and you can get it online now for £29.
Isn't this daisy bracelet just beautiful? It's vintage and it's £162, oops. If you can treat yourself to something with a price tag that high then please do! It's such a beautiful piece of jewellery.
I seem to be collecting watches this year(no complaints) and I've just stumbled upon this one over at Topshop and I'm deffo going to have to add it to my collection!
I'm loving a red lip at the moment, i'm not sure why as I've always had a bunch of lovely, bold, red lipsticks, it's just very rare that they'll see the light of day, changes are coming!
So what do you think of this outfit? Love it or leave it? Let me know!
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I'M 20 NOW!

Friday, April 18, 2014
 Hello! I can't believe how long it's been since I've written a blog post! I had all the intentions of (finally) getting the internet sorted at home last week on my days off but between working a lot of hours, trying to have a bit of a social life AND bagging myself a new job, I just didn't get round to it! I did my last shift at my now old job on Wednesday, which was my 20th birthday, wahhh, and I just did my first day at my new job yesterday! I'm super duper tired but super duper happy! I'm now working at the Gibraltar Soap Shop, if you haven't heard of it, just click here to see their Facebook page! I won't go in to it too much as I've only done one day so far, so once I've gained more knowledge of all the products and everything I'm sure I'll tell you all about it! If you want to keep up to date with all the (mostly) boring average things I get up to in the week, you should follow my twitter and my instagram!
So, as the title of this post tells you, I'm 20 now! I turned 20 on Wednesday and was spoilt rotten by everyone! I got the most beautiful little watch from Nolan, it's so dainty and just ugh, beautiful! I'm going to get the strap adjusted next week, so i'll post a photo on my instagram when I get it done! My friend Kathy spoilt me rotten with a new purse, a new backpack and the Naked palette, by Urban Decay which you all know I've had my eyes on since... forever! I honestly received so many lovely presents and cards from all my friends and family, spoilt rotten I tell ya! Oh, here's a photo of baby Maisie, holding some flowers at a wedding, aww.

 I have so many plans for "The Life of Maisie," for the rest of the year, from new weekly posts to a new URL. I actually bought my very own URL around Christmas time but I've been rethinking my decision to move my blog to a different url as I've become rather attached to the mouthful that is! I've also been planning lots of crafty posts and projects including getting to make ~*(it's a secret)*~ and "things" with some of my friends and even do some filming too!

I just thought I'd post a little update as to what I'd been up to in the last two weeks, so now, i'm off to write up some posts! I hope everyone has a great long weekend and if you have to work at all over it, take some Easter egg chocolate with you!
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Primark Candles?

Tuesday, April 08, 2014
Every blogger has a weird obsession with candles don't they? So a few weeks ago, my boyfriend's mum ventured(we don't have a primark in our "country" so she had to go off in to Spain, hence the word "ventured") off to Primark and brought me back a few little gifts. Those gifts are these three lovely little candles! I myself have never purchased anything from Primark's "home section," but I was really pleased with these little gems!
I really adore the packaging of these candles, I think the way the glass is curved makes them look a lot more high end, does that even make sense? I've given these three candles a home on my bed side table and most of the time their lids are on because I really don't spend that much time in my bedroom, but when I did decide to give these candle's their time to shine(I know I'm hilarious and I should be on television), I was pleasantly surprised! All three candles have a really lovely scent. Admittedly it's not a super strong scent but certainly a lot more pleasant and stronger than I expected! My personal favourite is "Pink Jasmine," it has a really rich, sweet smell that really fills the room(please bare in mind that my bedroom is the size of a child's shoe box) and it's pink so naturally it'd be my favourite regardless of the scent. Unless is smelt awful, then it might just have to leave. 
The vanilla scented candle is true to it's name as i'd hoped and has a lovely sweet vanilla scent, one of my favourite scent's of all time.
Lastly we have the Lavender scented candle which is a really fresh scent! If you're not an owner to anything lavender scented, you need to change that. Lavender is such a fresh scent and it has lots of positive properties too. We'll talk about that another day!
Overall, I'd say that these candles are great for decorative purposes and for the price (£1/£1.50) they're great little smellies too!
Have you tried these Primark candles? Which is your favourite? Let me know!
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Quote of the Week #30

Monday, April 07, 2014
"The eyes are useless when the mind is blind."
Remember this.
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Polyvore Style Board #31

Sunday, April 06, 2014
As spring is well and truly in full swing here on our little rock, it's only natural to start dreaming of the long, hot summer days. Although, come summer all I do for three whole months is complain that it's way too hot to even function like a normal human being, logic?
First things first, this cut out cage back tank top with it's slogan "Normal is Boring" is a fantastic little thing for the warmer weather! Not only does the cut out back look freakin' awesome, it'll help keep you cool too, bargain! You can find this little beauty online here in sizes small, medium and large for around £10!
So, remember when everyone was going cuckoo over the Zara skort, well feast your eyes on this beauty. If this isn't screaming out Clueless to you then we have a problem. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for tartan, so when I found this online over at Fashion Union for just £12.50 in the sale, my heart jumped around for a short while until I managed to pop it in my basket, oops? There are some top notch bargains over at Fashion Union, so have a gander!
Clutch bags, something that my bag collection is in great need of. So I think I might just kick it off with this fab monochrome striped envelope clutch!  Although this outfit is rather casual, I like the little touch of sophistication that this clutch bag adds to it, don't you?
So I may have recently purchased two "Vans inspired" pairs of pumps but I've still got my eye on the real deal. I honestly just think that Vans, like Converse, are such versatile foot ware and honestly go with so many different outfits and styles! This black pair are currently available on asos for £47.
If you could take a moment out of your time today to appreciate these sunglasses, then that would be fantastic. Aren't they stunning?! I love them so much, they're so unbelievably funky! Coming in at around £10, they're a bargain must have pair for this summer! They're currently only available in gold and silver online but I'll deffo be keeping an eye out for the black pair!
To finish this little outfit off, I decided to add a super chunky rose gold coloured bracelet! I think it just adds that little finishing touch, don't you think so too? This bracelet is currently available from The Hut for £12.
I can't wait for the spring to start getting a little bit more onto the hot side so I can rock outfits like this one. What do you think of this outfit? Will you be dipping into your purse and making and purchases? Let me know!
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