Polyvore Style Board #33

Sunday, May 04, 2014
I put this style board together a couple of days ago and I've been really excited to show you all because look at this smock dress! Isn't is just perfect?! The price tag is even better, £25, damn! It's available online from The Hut but it's actually an AX Paris piece. I think paisley print is such a great spring/summer pattern and you can style it up so many different ways!
Heeled sandals are a must have for your shoe collection this summer! This particular pair will set you back £28 at Topshop, but look how beautiful they are! I just love how simple yet classy they look. I especially think the twist lock adds a super cute little touch to the pair.
Flicking through Cosmopolitan (or Glamour, I really can't remember) I stumbled upon a bag very similar to this.. except it was designer and about three grand. Who has three grand to spend on a bag? I certainly don't! But behold, I have found the next best thing. A £25 Accessorize dupe! Once again, another cute little item to add to my ever growing wish list.
Recently I've been thinking about treating myself to a pair of designer sunglasses, because why not? I never ended up getting myself those Jimmy Choo or Prada ones last summer, but now I think I've found a pair that won't put me out of pocket too much, and they're just beautiful. Coming in at a grand total of £201, these Céline Audrey sunnies have my name written all over them. I just really adore the shape and I think they'll really compliment my eye shape, well at least I hope so! I'll let y'all know if i'm going to be making a purchase.
Check out this little gem from Modcloth, isn't is super duper cute? I own so many necklaces, so at the minute I've been trying to wear some of the one's I've either not worn for a very long time, or never worn at all! I might just have to add this to my collection!
So what do you think of this outfit? Would you rock it? Let me know!
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