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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dress - Dorothy Perkins (similar)| Bag - Primark | Shoes - Peacocks
Just a quick note, my hair is not this orange, but I had to edit the photos quite a bit as for some strange and unknown reason they came out rather dull, but moving on!
I decided to keep it simple with this little gingham style smock dress. Would you believe it's the first smock i've ever owned? To be honest, I probably could have gone a size up, thank you breasticles, but then it would have literally drowned my waist, not in a cool over sized way, just in a, she doesn't know how to dress, kind of way.
I managed to pick this beauty up in the Dorothy Perkins sale for just £6.50! Bargain! I can't seem to find it online but i'm sure some stores will still have it on their sale rack.
I wasn't actually going to wear this until the winter time but I decided that it did in fact look rather summery with a pair of sandals. But picture it with tights, chelsea boots and a little jacket, perfect winter day time outfit! I'm sure i'll blog that when it happens. How would you style this little beauty?
I'm still recovering from this God awful cold I seem to have acquired, big thanks to day nurse tablets for keeping me going this week, but now it's time for a BBQ lunch with Nolan's family! Later on this evening, my friends and I are going to be watching the World Cup Final, oh and don't forget the curry! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend! 
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14 comments on "Don't Smock Me | OOTD"
  1. I have this dress and love it! It was such a bargain in the sale.
    I picked it up online hoping I would hate it and it was far from.
    You look lovely!

    Rachael at

    1. It's such a great investment haha! Thank you sweetie <3

  2. That dress is so cute! Such a bargain, I'm going to try and hunt it down in my local store! xo

  3. What a bargain! You look so cute. I think this dress would work really well with gold accessories too :)


    1. Hehe, thanks sweet pea! I was thinking that too actually, shame it was after I shot these haha, a nice chunky gold necklace would do the trick I think! I'm actually wearing a big gold ring but forgot to take detail photos, oops!

  4. it's perrrrrrfect on you, ginger locks <3 (don't pretend you're not!)

    1. thank you beautiful :D
      There's a tinge of ginge but not this much hahaha :p x

  5. Wow, this dress look so pretty on you. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. i just love that little dress on you. you just look awesome. i just followed your blog and i would love if you'd return the favor.


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