Where have I been?

Tuesday, July 01, 2014
Hello my lovely readers!
I don't even know how long it's been since my last blog post! I'm not going to apologize, instead i'm going to tell you what i've been up to :)
On Saturday the 21st of June it was Calentitia night here in Gibraltar and I had such a great time! We ate so much amazing food and had some pretty poppin' mojitos, perfect!
Nolan and I also decided to adopt another fur child and she is just the sweetest. So far, her and Toby are exactly buddies but we're working on it! World, meet Effie!

On Sunday the 22nd of June, my mum, youngest brother and my step dad arrived for a little visit to my little rock! I've had such a fantastic week with them and it's honestly heartbreaking whenever my family has to go home again, breaks my wee little heart! We spent a lot of time getting sun burnt, finding the biggest hats in F&F and doing the typical "touristy" things, which included a lot of ice creamfood in general, nom!

And now i'm sitting in my living room feeling a bit lost and wanting a bit of a cuddle from my mumma, but 'cha gotta keep on moving forward :) 
I've decided that i'm going to start putting a lot more effort into my blog because I really enjoy it and I honestly love writting it, my time management skills are just horrible! I've already decided on my new URL, how exciting! I'll let ya'll know when I move it over and add it to bloglovin, etc! I hope everyone's had a great start to the week and enjoy the rest of it, big kisses! 
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