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September Beauty Favourites

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello terrible photo quality! I can not believe that it's the 30th of September already! The only good thing about this month flying by is that it means tomorrow is October and October = Halloween! Please tell me everyone else is as excited as I am?

The first thing in my beauty favourites this month is the Vaseline Essential Moisture (The only link I could find was Iceland but I know boots and Morrisons also sell this in both 200ml and 400ml!) Clean Feeling Lotion. This one in particular has pure oat extracts and it smells so refreshing! I think the 400ml bottle cost me about £3.50 which is nothing for the amount of product you get. The lotion is absorbed rather quickly by the skin which is fab because no one likes feeling sticky!

The next product is a Soap & Glory one and it's their Righteous Butter. I picked up this travel sized pot in boots yonks ago after reading great things about it across the blogosphere and only recently tried it out, I wish I hadn't waited so long because I love it! It is rather heavily scented but I don't mind that in body butters/lotions as the scent seems to die down after a short while. It's a mix between rose and grapefruit(thanks Charlene!) and there's something else in there that I can't quite put my finger on. It's shea butter based and also has coconut oil in it so it really does make your skin feel super smooth. I know i'll deffo be buying a full sized tub next time i'm back in the UK. Boots current retail price for a 300ml tub is £10.50.

So of course there are two lip sticks in this month's favourites! I featured Rimmel's Lasting Finish by Kate in the shade #03 in my top 5 drug store lipstick's post and honestly, it could be in my favourites every month. It's such a subtle colour that goes with any make up look. It has a super creamy texture, which I love, that glides on to the lips with minimal effort. The other, is one of Collection's lipstick's from their Gothic Glam range, #03 Revenge. This is the perfect, bold lip colour for autumn. A vibrant red with just enough purple to deem it plumy but not too dark. I've found that you can also apply this colour lightly with a brush for a more subtly shade, For £2.99, you really can't go wrong. 

Next up, another item i've had in my make up bag for a while but haven't really got round to trying it out yet. The Max Factor False Lash Effect in Black Brown claims to give you full lashes, a natural look and be waterproof. It really does do all those things! Due to the colour not being so intense(black) it really does give more of a natural look. Most mascaras have that scary little word waterproof plastered across their packaging and this bad boy really is waterproof. My eyes water a lot in the winter so this is going to be perfect! You can grab this from boots for £10.99.

The nail polish in this post is an old one from Rimmel's I Love Lasting Finish line. Unfortunately this shade, Purple Pulse, is no longer available. I think I bought this around 4 years ago and i've used it a couple of times but this month I found myself reaching it for it more often. In fact, i've got it on right now! It's a lovely, rich plum shade that's vibrant and has a good 3-4 day no chipping wear. I've acquired a rather large amount of the lasting finish polish's from Rimmel and I'd highly recommend them to everyone! They have a really vast range of shades and i'm never disappointed!

Last but not least we have the perfume i've been wearing for the past two months. It's one from Avon and it's called "Rare Diamonds." Now, if you've ever smelt this in store or straight from the bottle and didn't like it, you need to try it out again. I find that when it's freshly sprayed, it's rather overpowering and heavily floral, but after around five minutes of it being in contact with my skin it smells so fresh and fragrant, not too strong, just the right level of scent that I like from a perfume. Now, I know perfume smells different on each person, but if you thought it smelt gross when you first smelt it, try again and give it some time. I promise this isn't a sponsored item haha!

So there we have it, my monthly beauty favourites! What were yours this month? Let me know! If you've done a whole blog post too, leave your link below and i'll have a gander!
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Quote of the Week | #45

Monday, September 29, 2014
"When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars."
Coincidentally, Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter used this quote in her motivational Monday post today, but may I just say that I hose and pinned this image yesterday for today's post!

I think this is something people find really hard to remember. If you're having a down day, it won't last forever, even if you're having a down week, things will get better. Learn to look for the light in a seemingly dark situation. I'm terrible for this, so i'm going to set this as my home screen on my phone so that I have a constant reminder that things will get better.

If you're feeling a bit low at the minute and need some uplifting quotes, firstly, save this picture, secondly, I have an entire pinterest board of motivational quotes to live by which you can see here.
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Polyvore Style Board | #39

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I think these style boards are becoming my favourite thing to post about at the minute! I haven't had the chance to go "autumn/winter wardrobe" shopping yet so putting these little boards together is the closest you're gonna get to an outfit of the day right now, sorry!

In my last style board I mentioned that I'd recently discovered Blackfive, so of course, I had to feature them in this one! How on point is this dress? I've never had a high neck dress but I think this one looks really flattering and the print is really cute. This all year round dress is available for £17.27! 

How perfect is this little jacket? Well I say little, it's a pretty big, over sized jacket. Another all year round piece, this pastel beauty is very high up on my wishlist. I think it fits perfectly with the Blackfive dress, don't you? This is a piece from Monki and you can grab it online now for £30.

So I decided to pair this relatively spring/summery outfit with some nice chunky boots to break it into winter a little bit! Everyone needs a nice chunky pair of boots for the winter. Number one, they go with everything, and secondly they look badass! This pair are from Fashion Union, they've got a tonne of great stock at the minute. If you're looking to revamp your wardrobe then I highly suggest having a gander

You all know i'm a sucker for a slogan tee or clutch, so this little guy is perfect! A Nasty Gal piece so it's not cheap for what it is, but still epic all the same! One side reads "It's not that complicated" and the other reads "It's complicated," Nasty Gal call it the "Mixed Feelings" clutch, perfect for us ladies right? I just think it's really quirky and the fact that it's monochrome just makes this love affair even more intense. Grab yourself one here for £29.46.

I've blogged about this River Island hat way too many times now so I think it's sort of a rule that I have to order it, right? I think this Fedora completely changes the look of this outfit. It gives it that extra little flare of sass, do y'all know what I mean? Just picture this board with the hat, it's not complete nor all that sassy is it? Order one with me now! They're available from the River Island website for £28.

I'm sure i've mentioned this before, but I sort of have a thing for pocket watches and my collection is slowly growing and I really want to add this ModCloth necklace to it! I've got a very similar one from Camden but what's a collection without a few dupes? In all honesty, this outfit could do without this necklace.. but I couldn't resist putting it in! 

Rings are another thing that I seem to have acquired a large amount of. This little stacker ring set is so pretty! You can never have too many rings, or lipsticks for that matter. How gorgeous is this YSL lipstick? It's one of their Rouge Pur Shine's and it's in the shade "#33 Wild Blackberry." I've decided that i'm going to be more brave in the lipstick department this autumn/winter! I'll find a way to pull off this shade, I promise! I think a bold lip really helps to add/create that autumnal vibe even when you're wearing pastel shades. You can order this lipstick online now for around £27.

So what do you think of this week's style board? Would you rock this look? Let me know! P.S, who's excited for the super cosy duvet days
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PicStick Magnets | Review

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not so long ago, the lovely humans over at PicStick got in contact and offered to send me some magnets! Sounds pretty standard right? Wrong, these are personalised magnets with my photographs on, epic? Yes!

To start off with, their website is super user friendly making it really easy to create your magnets. First of all you have to create an account or log in with facebook. If you're online then you deffo have either an email address or a facebook account, so that's sorted!

Next up is the fun part, choosing the photos that you want to make into magnets! You upload nine photos from either your computer, dropbox or facebook page and then drag, position and crop your photos on to the magnets. That's it, you're done and ready to submit your order, easy peasy!

The cost for these little bad boys is £9.50 and the shipping is absolutely free, bargain! They arrive right in your letter box, attached to one another, with perforated edges, in a flat envelope. This is super duper convenient for people like me who work through the time that the postal office is open. These magnets arrived really quickly too, their website said 3-5 for Europe and it took just 4, which is pretty darn good for Gibraltar!

I chose a collection of photos from my laptop of myself with some of my favourite people. I love the finish to these magnets, they're super glossy and the photos are great quality. I only had one magnet on my fridge before these little beauties came into my life and now they always make me smile when I walk into the kitchen!

I highly reccomend these items for anyone looking for a unique and quirky way to jazz up their kitchen and I also think these will make great gifts for birthdays and at Christmas time. I think i'm gonna start ordering some more right now!

To make all of this even better, the PicStick humans sent me a special discount code for all my lovely readers. You can all now get a whopping 25% OFF by using the code "MAISIE25" at the checkout! So go ahead and get creating! If you do order yourself a set of beautiful photo magnets, let me know below!
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*Disclaimer: Although this item was gifted to me by the company, all opinions on the product are honest and of my own. I would never give a false/misleading review of a product, no matter what relationship I have with the company. 

I Fail At Blogging

Saturday, September 20, 2014

So, this was supposed to be a proper outfit of the day style post but you can barely even see my top in the photos, sigh. One day I will get better at this blogging malarkey! 

A while ago, my friend Susan and I took a trip to med steps(if you're not from Gibraltar, it's basically some really steep/dodgy steps that climb up one side of the rock, fun..) and on the way we passed this little area and I though, hey, this would be a great backdrop for some ootd posts. So off I went to carry out my little mission. It really is a shame that I fail so terribly at blogging. 

I promise i'll re visit this little fairy path soon with another outfit to shoot. I hope everyone's having a great weekend! What have you been up to so far? Let me know!

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