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Cute Back To School/Uni Stationary

Friday, August 14, 2015

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So yesterday, both of my little brothers got their A level exam results! Joe got his AS grades and he did so well, i'm so, so proud of him! Harry got his A2 grades and got in to his first and only uni choice, again, proudest big sister ever! It got me thinking about how much I miss the "getting ready for school" season, hunting down the cutest notebooks and funkiest pens, even at 17 I was still obsessed with cute stationary, heck I still am now! So I decided to put together a little group of super cute stationary pieces to get those who are going back to school/university next month into the spirit!

Everyone needs a pencil case and there are so many adorable one's out there right now but I thought this one was pretty funny. This I'm very busy pencil case is pretty rad if you ask me. As the website suggests you can use if for your pens and pencils or even as a little make up bag, the choice is yours! You can grab this now for £7.96 from Shop Ban.Do.

Of course, if you've got a cute pencil case then you need some cute pens and pencils to go in it, right?! This set of gel pens are decorated with a range of cute patterns including floral and heart designs. If you click through the link, the seller on Amazon actually has a couple different designs to chose from but these are my favourite ones! Grab them now for around £5.

I can't ever remember having to use paperclips when I was at school but I couldn't resit adding these into the post. They. Are. Cats.. But paperclips! (Sorry Erica) How freakin' cute are these? So for about £3 you can have 12 potentially pointless little cats made from thin metal. I'm in haha! P.S, they also have sitting, jumping and stretching cats!

Notebooks. Everyone knows that you can never have too many! I'm definitely a hoarder of notebooks, I already have so many laying around the house that I haven't written in yet, sorry not sorry. The first notebook (£17) is pretty snazzy if you ask me. Pretty simple polka dot pattern but it's in gold foil so it looks super glam! The second (Around £4) is just as great, with gold foil flamingos on it, just beautiful! Yes, I did just describe a notebook as beautiful, no shame. 

There are already a lot of adorable looking 2015/16 and 2016 diary's/journals floating around the blogosphere and they're all beautiful (see, doing it again) including this Kate Spade one! A pretty simple, but super cute, design on the cover and it's nice and plain and simple on the inside which I really like, sort of like a blank canvas so I can doodle everywhere like a love sick 13 year old haha! Grab one for yourself now for around £22. 

Back to cute pens and pencils. If you're a tumblr (cheeky plug) user, you'll know that pencils with quotes engraved on them are a real big thing and these Mean Girls one's are epic! Mean girls has some pretty notable quotes, I probably know the entire script by heart if i'm being honest with you, again, no shame! These are deffo the kinds of pencils that would get "lost" real quick!

Last but not least, washi tape. It's sort of taken the world by storm in the last year or so and there are so many varieties out there, you can just whack it on anything and make it look super, duper adorable! Tape is just always handy to have with you in your pencil case anyway and if you can have cute tape, all the better! This particular set is available online for about £12.

Are you looking forward to shopping for back to school bits and pieces soon? Did you just get your exam results? If you did then I hope you got everything you wanted out of them! If you didn't, don't worry, it's not the end of the world, things will be alright, I promise!

Are you loving any of these stationary pieces? Let me know below! 

4 Topshop Items I've Got My Eye On Right Now

Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Topshop, Item's I've got my eye on right now, love, maisie
Jamie Jeans | Slouchy Shirt | Ribbed Cropped Cami | Judo Wrap Playsuit

So, we all know that I love a good Topshop piece and in my opinion it's been a, far too long since I've purchased anything from my sometimes favourite store and b, certainly far too long since I've posted a little Topshop wishlist, right!? I've kept it pretty basic because i'm in desperate need of some wardrobe basics at the moment! 

As I mentioned the other day, lately I've been re-living my young teenage years and lusting over ripped jeans and this pair of Jamie jeans has my name written all over them! I love that they're high-waisted, I find the fit so flattering. Topshop isn't the cheapest, we all know that and these are priced at £42 which isn't really in my price range for jeans at the moment, but hopefully i'll be able to get my pins in them soon!

I'd say I have around ten shirts in my wardrobe and more often than not, I've been grabbing them for work. I'm not 100% sure why, maybe they make me feel a little more sophisticated? This slouchy shirt has a slightly vintage feel to it and i'm certain it will go with literally everything in my wardrobe! Pair it with the Jamie jeans and a pair of converse for a really casual look or some black high-waisted shorts and a killer pair of heels for a sophisticated evening look! Grab it online now for £32. 

If you know me in real life, or just pay close attention to my blabbering, you'll know that i'm not the biggest fan of yellow and/or mustard, but lately, with the whole 70's style making a come back, I've been seeing it everywhere and I really want to try and rock it! I thought i'd start simple with this little ribbed, cropped cami. It's only £6, so if I were to make the purchase and really hate it, it wouldn't be so bad, right? You could even pop this under the white shirt for a subtle pop of colour, what do you think?

Last but not least is my favourite of the four items up there today. The judo wrap playsuit! Clearly judo inspired, this mushroom shade playsuit is the perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated, don't you think!? The model on the website is paired with some block heeled Chelsea boots but I think it'd also look great with some strapy heeled sandals for a more spring/summer feel! I also love that it's fitted and has a belt at the waist. I just adore everything about it! It's online and in stores now for £50.

So what are you loving from Topshop right now? Are you lusting over any of my favourite pieces? Let me know! And don't forget to have a wonderful day!

Feather & Bone | Face Gems Face Wash

Monday, August 10, 2015

Another skin care post for y'all today! A fair while ago now, the lovely team over at Feather & Bone got in contact with me about sending over some of their face wash gems for me to try out! I hadn't heard about this brand before and I love discovering new brands so its safe to say that I was very excited! 

Whilst waiting for my little package to arrive, I had a good read through their website and I became so excited to try these little face gems out! Basically, Feather & Bone's face gems are little tablets that are actually a face wash! What?! Let me explain.

These little face gems are are a face wash, exfoliator and moisturiser, all in one and are made from just 3 ingredients. Sandalwood, fullers earth and starch, making it 100% natural. The Sandalwood acts as the cleanser, it's also an antiseptic agent, removes dirt from pores, relaxes the skin and give a natural glow. The fullers earth acts as the exfoliator but also improves blood circulation, removes black and white heads, tones and gives the skin natural oils. The final ingredient, starch actually has moisturising properties that apparently work for both dry and oily complexions, relives itchyness and keeps skin feeling fresh!

Time to put them to the test! They're super easy (and super fun) to use. You simply crack out one tablets (one tablet = one wash) from it's packaging, pop it in the palm of your hand and add 5-10 drops of water to it until it forms a sort of paste consistency. It sort of feels like clay. Then simply gently massage all over the face and then rinse away! It doesn't have much of a scent before adding the water but once the water is added to it it has a really fresh scent to it. I really can't think of a another way to describe it, sorry guys, you know I suck with scents and adjectives haha!

As for how it feels afterwards, my skin does feel really lovely to the touch and really fresh! I'm a big fan of natural cosmetics and I can already see myself ordering the 30 day(6o tablets) box! As these face gems come in individual little pouches, I think they'd be super great for travelling and festivals, to save having to take a massive bottle of face wash with you in your hand luggage and inevitably having it taken away at customs, I know we've all been there.

On a whole, I really rate this product. It's 100% natural, meaning you're not putting any nasty and unnecessary chemicals on your face, it feels lovely, smells super fresh and it's super convenient if you're travelling! As you know, I have a fairly oily complexion and I find that this face wash works really well with my skin!

Have you tried the Feather & Bone face gems face wash yet? What did you think? Or had you not heard of them before and now you're thinking about making a cheeky purchase? Let me know! Don't forget to have a great day, Happy Monday!

Check out Feather & Bone's website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more info!

*Item c/o Feather & Bone. Although this item was sent to me for review, this does not effect my views and opinions as I will always give my honest opinion on a product.

Quote of the Week | #57

Wednesday, August 05, 2015
"The mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change."

So you may have noticed, or maybe not, that I literally dropped off the face of the internet for a couple of months. I did write a little, brief post about it which you can read here if you'd like.

Unfortunately, most people will have low periods in their life due to a number of different circumstances, where they just don't really feel like doing anything, even the things that normally make them happy and that's exactly what happened to me. I won't say the dreaded D word but to put it simply I fell into a bit of a hole and hit a really low low.

Fortunately, things are starting to look a little brighter and I've decided to do everything in my power to fill my thoughts and my life with positive thoughts and vibes only. As you also may have noticed, I've been writing everyday this week so far, so something must really be working!

I hope everyone's having a lovely week so far and if you're feeling a little bit under the weather then why not check out my little post on some pick me up idea's, or if you're feeling pretty rubbish then maybe it's time to talk to someone, even a friend, I promise it'll help! Keep smiling!

Current Skin Care Favourites | Basics

Tuesday, August 04, 2015
Current Skin Care Favourites | Basics | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Elizabeth Arden Brightening Eye Gel | Garnier Moisture + Matte Daily Oil-Free MoisturiserCurrent Skin Care Favourites | Basics | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Elizabeth Arden Brightening Eye Gel | Garnier Moisture + Matte Daily Oil-Free Moisturiser

I read a lot of skin care posts from a lot of different bloggers but i've never written my own so I thought i'd give it a shot. I think the world of skincare is so vast now and pairing that with the fact that everyone's skin is so different, it's easy to think that someone must by lying or at least bending the truth when they're telling you how great x y and z products are for their skin but they truly make no difference to yours. When, most of the time, they really are benefiting from using their chosen products, they're just not the right one's for you.

I've never been to see a dermatologist or even a skin care counter in boots but by the amount of oil that seeps out of my skin on a daily basis and how dry the corners of my nose and cheeks get, i'm gonna take an educated guess and say that my skin is combination/oily. So here are my top three basic skin care products.

First up is an old blogger favourite and that is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I've been using this for about a year now, you can read my full review here, and I've grown to love it even more than I did last August. That and I tried the Nivea Sensitive 3in1 Micellar water, which everyone else on the blogosphere seemed to gel well with(see, everyone's different!) but it burnt my eyeballs, yum. The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water doesn't dry my skin out or irritate it and it doesn't leave my face feeling tight after I use it either. As mentioned in my review, you do need a little bit of elbow grease if you wear a lot of eye make up but it doesn't irritate my eyeballs so, win. Currently available from Boots for £3.00 but if you're in Gibraltar, Morrisons do stock it but they change the price all the time, sorry ya'll!

Next up is the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Brightening Eye Gel. As you can see in the photo, this is just a 5ml sample size, a third of the actual size of the tube you can purchase separately. I got this little beauty when I was repurchasing my current favourite mascara by Elizabeth Arden(there's a post and a giveaway coming soon, keep your eyes peeled!) in a set which also includes an eye makeup remover which i'm yet to try out! 

I've been using an eye cream from work for the past 6 months and I really do like it but I think I may have been converted to this little bad boy. I love the consistency, it is quite rich but it pats into the skin like an absolute dream. As for visible difference, the skin around my eyes does look and feel smoother since using this product and certainly more hydrated. The full size product(15ml) comes with a roller ball which i'm desperate to get my paws on because I love the little roller balls, not only do they make for super easy application but they feel great too! Available at boots for £26.

Lastly is a new moisturiser that I've been trialing. I've never really been too fussed about what moisturiser I use on my face, don't judge me, it's usually just something I grab in a hurry in the skin care isle in Morrisons or a decent priced one from Boots. Lately I've been doing a little research as my skin's beginning to look a little tired and just really not at it's best. As I mentioned before, I have combination/oily skin, more toward the oily side and I only recently purchased this moisturiser but oh my do I love it. 

Garnier's Moisture + range has something for all skin types including oily, dry and sensitive. My pick of course is their Moisture + Matte oil-free moisturiser. It claims to give your skin 24 hour hydration by locking in your skins natural moisture and controlling shine. It's also enriched with green tea extracts which asides from being an anti-oxidant is also the magic behind mattifying and smoothing the skin. Let me tell you, it really does work amazingly with my skin! It smells incredibly fresh, feels really cool and soothing on my skin and doesn't feel greasy at all. It's even great under make up which is a giant plus. I find that a lot of previous moisturisers that I've used have make my make up look really flaky. I'm not sure how long this bottle will last but you really only need a tiny little dollop to cover your entire face and neck. A 50ml bottle is currently available at Boots for just £2, but once again, Morrisons are scamming their money off of us poor people and it's around £5.50. Still a fairly decent price.

So there we have it, my skin care favourites/essentials/basics? What are your current skin care favourites? Do you find it hard to find a moisturiser that suits your skin? Have you tried any of these products, what did you think? Let me know below! 

August Wishlist

Monday, August 03, 2015
Hello you beautiful lot! So I thought i'd bring Love, Maisie back to life with a good ol' wishlist post because they're one of my favourite's to both read and write, so here goes!

August Wishlist | Love, Maisie | Feat. Wildfox, New Look, Aeropostale, Nike and more
Jumper | Crop Top | Sunnies | Bag | Skinnies | Wedges | Watch | Trainers

First up, can we all please just take a moment to appreciate this Wildfox jumper. If there was a hangover club, i'd sadly probably be the highest ranking member haha! Of course, being wildfox it's not the cheapest, online it's around £95 which I doubt i'd ever actually spend on a jumper, but it is sassy as. They also have this cute sleep mask to match!

I've always found New Look great for basics but every now and then they do stock some really cute little pieces like this floral crop top. I usually go for baggy crop tops but this black, high neck, slim fit one is gorgeous! The model on the website is paired with the matching pencil skirt but I think it'd rock up really well with some high waisted denim shorts. Available online for just £12.99.

I recently destroyed my current favourite sunglasses by dropping the umpteen times, luckily they were only £4 from Peacocks but sadly they don't seem to have them in store anymore. These watermelon pink sunnies are dreamy aren't they? I would never dream of spending big bucks on sunglasses because clearly I don't know how to take care of them. This Headliner pair are on sale at the moment for around £30 which I wouldn't mind spending. Also available in tortoiseshell and black.

Everyone knows how much I love cats, sorry Erica, so it's no surprise that there's a kitty related item in this blog post. I can't find it on the British site, only on the USA site for some reason which is rather annoying to say the least, but how adorable is this little bag? So if any of you are reading this from across the water and are feeling generous, give me a shout, yeah?

I'm in desperate need of a new pair of jeans. I currently have just two pairs which have both seen better days. I always have and always will love a good pair of ripped skinnies, especially black ones. I'm pretty sure every single shop on the high street will have a pair similar to this, but this pair in particular are the Lizzie jeans from Miss Selfridge(Anyone from Gib reading, do you remember rushing to Miss Selfridge after school on a Friday to lurk through the sale section to find something cute to wear haha) and will cost you £40.

I'm not usually one for wedges, I find regular heels a lot more comfortable and easier to walk in, but these babies from New Look are really cute for the summer! If my friend Kathy is reading I know she'll be saying "oooo!" Not only are they adorable but they're on sale for just a tenner, erm bargain! 

I find Aeropostale are always great for accessories. I love the chunky strap paired with the dainty floral face and gold detail of this watch. Hell, I love the entirety of it and it's only £13. Certainly has more of a summer feel to it but do people really buy watches seasonally anyway?!   

Last but not least are these gorgeous Nike Free 5.0 trainers. Just look at them! Honestly, i've no idea how brilliant or not they are for your feet but they're so beautiful! The colour is light aqua with green glow in the dark accents. If you're going to get hot and sweaty running, why not do it whilst wearing great shoes? They'll cost you around £70. I've no idea if that's a good price for decent running shoes or not, so someone will have to let me know!

So there we have it, this month's wishlist! What have you got your eye on at the moment? Are you loving any of my picks? Let me know!