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Quote of the Week | #62

Monday, November 30, 2015
Dr Seuss quote, Love, Maisie
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr Seuss

This is probably one of my favourite quote's of all time, I thought i'd already posted a quote of the week with this infamous Dr Seuss one, but apparently not!

There really isn't much to say about this as it expresses the message perfectly, just remember to always be true to yourself and be the person that you want to be and do what makes you happy. I hope everyone's had a lovely weekend and are ready to kick this week in the arse! Happy Monday!

Sunday Style Board | #44

Sunday, November 29, 2015
Sweater Dress | Sunnies | Backpack | Boots | Tights | Snood | Beret

How is it Sunday again already? You know, there are only three more Sunday's after today left before Christmas, how crazy is that? It's been a good few weeks since I shared a Sunday style board and hey, there's no time like the present, so here you go!

Being cosy and warm is my number one priority right now. As much as I love autumn/winter, it does get ridiculously chilly in this country! Big knits and oversized scarves/snoods are my go to's right now. This sweater dress is only £17! I love the speckled effect and it looks like it'd be super easy to wear! You can literally just throw it on, on it's own and you're ready! Grab yourself a chunky snood like this houndstooth and plaid WilsonsLeather one and you'll be one snug bug.

Except for when i'm at work, I live in boots. Not only do they look great but they keep your feet 347 times statistics not verified warmer than dolly shoes. This tan pair are from Nordstrom and they're currently on sale for just under £20! I think green and tan shades work really well together and make's a change from my black staples. They also match almost perfectly with this H&M backpack! Available online now for £25. 

As I mentioned in Thursday's blog post, my eyes are pretty sensitive to light and believe it or not, we do sometime's see the sun in England, even in the winter! So having a nice dark pair of sunnies that will match with your winter wardrobe are always handy to have.. well, at hand! These tortoise Betsey Johnson sunglasses are only £40 and I'm seriously considering adding them to that list of things I want to treat myself to!  

Tights. Because you don't want to be that dick wearing 20 denier "skin coloured tights" who's moaning about how cold it's gotten lately. 

I think berets are really underrated. They're hella cute and they're one of the many handy head pieces that'll help to hide a bad hair day(read; greasy roots, holla)! I think this beret from Accessorize really complete's this little outfit, don't you?

Would you rock this outfit? Or are boots and berets just not your thing? Let me know! 

Bluffer's Guide's | The Perfect Stocking Filler

Friday, November 27, 2015

Stocking fillers don't need to be boring or repetitive, especially in this day and age! There are so many fantastic gift ideas that will literally suit everyone! I was lucky enough to receive these two little pocket books from a company called Bluffer's and I'm being 110% honest when I say that I'm so glad to be able to share this post with you all!

Whether it's an extra little something for a friend or a gift for that one person that you really don't know what to get, I highly suggest you check out these Bluffer's guides! 
"Any sperm making the distance is a hero of Herculean proportions, which makes every one of us heroes in our own right, and might be remembered in moments of despondency and low self-esteem."

The first of the two guide's is The Bluffer's Guide to Sex. Sex is everywhere, literally, and it always has been! You can't escape it, it's plastered all over the papers, who's sleeping with who yada yada and it even sell's cars, perfume and i'm pretty sure I've seen sex selling a box of tissues maybe I've made that bit up but it wouldn't surprise me at all. This little pocket book has sold over 5 million copies! Written both hilariously and informatively by Rebecca Newman, there were snippets of this book that had me in absolute stitches right from the very beginning. I've definitely stored a fair amount of both knowledge and conversation starters from reading this and I bet even my Nana would have a good giggle with it! 
"We've all brought a bottle home from our holiday only to find that it just doesn't taste the same on a wet Wednesday in Cricklewood as it did outside a taverna with the Aegean licking our toes. Gone is the lemon and pine freshness, replaced by the aroma of pine-scented Toilet Duck - proving that most cheap holiday wines taste better in situ."

Next up, The Bluffer's Guide to Wine! If you didn't already know, I'll never turn down a glass, or five, of wine. I'm no expert on the stuff and I've even been known to put lemonade in the real expensive ones, oops, but I do feel as though I've learnt a thing or two now that I've read through this Bluffer's guide and have had a good few giggles too! The perfect gift for the in laws or someone who thinks they know all there is to know about the grape juice of grown up's, providing they have a decent sense of humor that is!

There are many more Bluffer's Guide's available including; Cats, Chocolate, University and Rugby to name a few. I've already got my eye on a couple for Christmas gifts that I'm actually going to order today BECAUSE, Bluffer's are having a black Friday sale! Everything on their site will be at 50% off THIS WEEKEND(From Friday, November 27th to and including Monday, November 30th). That's right, you could buy both of these guide's for the price of one, but hurry, this offer ends Monday! 

So there's my two pence, have you read any of these guide's before? Did you enjoy them as much as I did? Will you be making a bargain purchase today? Let me know!

*Disclaimer: Although these items were gifted to me by the above company, all opinions on the product are 100% honest and of my own and are not representative of the company. I would never give a false/misleading review of a product, no matter what relationship I have with the company.

Coloured Lenses UK | Review

Thursday, November 26, 2015
Coloured Lenses UK Review | Love, Maisie
FreshTone Jade Green coloured contact lenses - £11.99*

When the guys over at Coloured Lenses UK got in touch and offered to let me try out a pair of their coloured contacts, I was so super excited! I have blue eyes that often appear different shades depending on the light, my eyes are super sensitive to light, seriously in the summer, if I forget my sunglasses i'm basically screwed all day. I chose to trial the freshtone jade green contact lenses as I've always thought that green eyes were so stunning! 

The contacts arrived individually packaged in a one-time use cleaning solution(so you will need to buy a bottle of cleaning solution to re use them) along with a handy little case to store them, as seen above. These contact lenses are not prescription and are solely for aesthetic use. Coloured Lenses UK do not currently stock prescription coloured contacts but are in the process of adding this option to their website! 

I'd applied contact lenses on myself once, many moons ago, so I was a little nervous about applying these for the first time, but I surprised myself and i'm now pretty pro at the whole shoving something onto your eyeball activity.

The FreshTone jade green pair that I chose are made up of three different tones to make for a more natural looking colour. If you know a thing or two about contact lenses and are after the nitty gritty details then here you go: diameter: 14.5mm base curve: 8.6mm water percentage: 38%. These babies can be worn for up to a month, providing that you clean and store them in some contact lens solution like this one available from boots
Coloured Lenses UK Review | Love, Maisie
I am so so pleased with how my lenses look and feel! As you can see above, my eye colour is completely transformed to this beautiful jade green shade and they look pretty damn natural too! These lenses don't impair my vision at all and I can't even feel them on my eyes, it's amazing! I'm pretty impressed to say the least! The size of the lens is slightly larger than my iris but I think this makes for a cuter look, do you know what I mean? Sort of like how Vsauce explains cute? But natural looking all the same! 

Coloured Lenses UK have a huge selection of different coloured contacts ranging from violet to sterling grey and pure hazel to ocean blue! Whether you fancy a change or you need that pair of brightly coloured lenses to complete your fancy dress costume, Coloured Lenses UK is deffo your place to go! Click here to shop two pairs of FreshTone lenses for just £19.99! They also offer free shipping on orders over £20!

Let me know if you've tried these lenses out before or if you're now going to be making a purchase!

*Disclaimer: Although this items was gifted to me by the above company, all opinions on the product are 100% honest and of my own and are not representative of the company. I would never give a false/misleading review of a product, no matter what relationship I have with the company. 

Vegan Carrot + Coriander Soup | Recipe

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Sometime in October, I shared my vegan carrot and coriander soup recipe over on my Instagram and it racked up a total of 32 likes, which might not seem a lot to some, but I normally average somewhere between ten and fifteen likes on my photos, so I think it was safe to say that it went down pretty well!
Vegan carrot and coriander soup recipe, love maisie
I absolutely love this soup and it's so easy to make too! I know that coriander isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for those of you who are signed up to the fan club, I highly suggest that you try this out. Even better, it's 100% vegan

1 Tablespoon of oil, for frying (sunflower, vegetable, coconut, it's entirely up to you!)
1 Chopped onion
1 Chopped potato 
3 (450g-500g) Chopped carrots 
2 Knorr's stock pots, made up with 1100ml of boiling water
1 Small handful of fresh coriander, chopped (roughly 1/4 of a supermarket packet

Lightly fry your onions in your choice of oil for a couple of minutes, or until soft, and then add your potato, carrots and stock mixture and bring to the boil. Then, allow to cook for 20-25 minutes, or until the veg is soft. Add in the coriander, a pinch of salt(optional: try garlic salt, mmm) and pepper, before transferring to a food processor or using a hand blender until smooth!  

And there you have it! This recipe is ridiculously easy to make and taste's scrummy if I do say so myself! I'm no food buff, so I really couldn't tell you anything about calories or fat content or any of that jazz, sorry! If you follow the instructions, you'll make around 6 servings, but don't worry, it's freezable too! Will you be trying this recipe out? Let me know! 

Hot Right Now | Topshop

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This is my third installment of my hot right now posts, are you enjoying them so far? You can check out my River Island one here and my New Look one here. You all knew that a Topshop one was coming sooner or later! I had trouble keeping the number of items down for this post because oh my word, Topshop is seriously on point right now!

The first item is actually part of the new Kendall and Kylie Jenner for Topshop range and I think I want to marry it. It's a faux fur, hooded coat in a "shaggy" texture and it's a gorgeous shade of dusty pink! I think it'd look really smart with an all black outfit and seeing as my wardrobe is made up of 90% black clothing, I should totally buy it, right? Unfortunately, the price tag is a little(read largely) on the expensive side and this piece will set you back £110

Pinafore's have made a massive come back over the last couple of months, along with many other 70's inspired pieces of fashion, and I'm really pleased that they have! This cord pinafore dress in a deep burgundy shade is definitely going to be a staple for me over the next couple of months. It sounds sad, but I'm putting together a little list of things that I'd like to treat myself to at the end of the year and this baby is on there! Available online and in store for £39. Also available in Topshop TALL.

This Espresso yourself tee is so simple but adorable all the same. Plus, coffee related, so of course I love it! Currently £18 online and in store.  

I'm still not 100% sure if beanie's suit me but this chunky chain knit beanie is super adorable! They have a selection of colours available but I thought yellow would make for a bit of a change to the dark colours I usually go for in hats! Grab it now for £16.

This poncho is an absolute steal! Originally £30 and now only £15, if you're looking at adding a wrap around poncho to your wardrobe, then I highly suggest that you have a look at Topshop's selection! Mostly really well priced and all totally gorgeous! This grey, oversized, fringe poncho will keep you snug but also looks super stylish! 

If you know me irl(mum, that means "in real life") then you'll know I've got a bit of a thing for a, bags and b, fluffy/faux fur bags! So this faux fur duffle bag is no exception. A little pricy, this duffle bag will cost you £35, let's hope it makes it to the sale section, aye?!  

I bought two pairs of daps the other day, they were on offer at two pairs for £8 so I bought a black pair for work and a white pair for well, whatever, and I really like how they look with jeans, so when I saw these purple trainers i imagined they'd look lush with skinnies too! I love the little touch of sparkle on the back, 115% cute, right! You can snap them up right now for just £24! 

Is khaki a "nice" colour? Do people still actually wear khaki pants? Either way, I think these high-waisted khaki Jamie jeans are gorgeous. Pair them with a white tee, like the espresso yourself tee, perfect, a fedora and some black Chelsea boots for a super casual daytime look! Available in regular, tall and petite, grab them now for £40.

Lastly, is this supersoft tartan check scarf. We all know that I love myself a good scarf. The classic colours and tassel design make this a necessity for everyone's wardrobe. Currently available online for £22.

So there we have it, my top picks from Topshop right now! What have you got your eye on at the moment? Let me know!

November Wishlist | Beauty

Friday, November 20, 2015

As I seem to mention quite frequently, I'm a fairly nosey person, so I love wishlist posts as I love getting to have a peep at what other people are lusting over! So today, I thought i'd share some of my current beauty lusts with you all!

Remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the BeautyUK lipstick that I love? Well, I want more! This shade is plumlicious and it looks super dreamy! It actually looks similar in colour to the Makeup Revolution Rebel With Cause lipstick(which i'll be posting a review of next week!). Again, available in Matte or Wet and just £3.49.

NARS palette's always seem to creep their way into my beauty wishlists. They're just so dreamy! The Yeux Irresistible palette consists of six both warm and deep shades, including All About Eve, Thunderball and Grove. I think these shades are perfect for this time of year to achieve a smoky eye with a warm effect to it! Available online for $48. 

I recently saw Jemma of DorkFace talking about this palette and ever since, I've been seeing it everywhere! That's certainly a sign that I should buy it, right? This Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares palette is only SIX POUNDS, yup, you heardread right! There are 18 shades in this palette and I really can't wait to get my paws on it and have a play around with all the different looks that you could create with it!

My entire nail polish collection is currently in storage back in Gibraltar, so I'm in desperate need of some new shades. These two polishes are perfect for the festive season! The first nail polish is by Models Own from their Diamond Luxe collection in the shade Marquise Maroon. A shimmery maroon shade that I reckon will look lovely on both short and long nails! I've also included Rimmel London's Glitter Bomb nail polish in Disco Diva. Every girl needs at least one glittery top coat and this champagne esk shade will go beautifully with the Model's Own Marquise Maroon, don't you think?!

I'm not really a massive fan of blusher, but it's the cooler months that I find myself digging to the bottom of my makeup bag for a good flush of colour to my cheeks. This Gosh shade in Rose Whisper seems like a great staple shade that will suit most skin tones! Available online from Superdrug for £7.99.

A couple of weeks ago when I was on the train with Prema, she whacked out one of the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer's and told me that I had to try them out! I tried an MUA lip gloss a couple of years ago and wasn't overly impressed, but I must admit that these matte lip lacquer's look really tempting! For this month's wishlist, I chose the shade Moxie, which is a rich berry shade. At only £3, I might have to grab a couple of different shades and try them out!

Last but not least is the Zoella Beauty Soap on a Stick! I'm mainly lusting after this product because the packaging is down right adorable! We've all heard of soap on a rope but this soap on a stick idea is pretty cute, huh?! I think this would make a really great stocking filler gift too! Available from Superdrug for £5.

So there we have it, my November beauty wishlist! What are you lusting over this month? Let me know and link me to your November wishlists!

Top 5 Christmas Jumpers | 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I know, I know, it's only the 19th of November, but that means that it's only 36 days until good ol' Saint Nick pays those on the nice list a visit! Although I'll be working all day on Christmas day, (If you feel bad for me a bit, don't, they pay is great) I'm definitely in the mood for the festive season this year! I've already got loads of really great Christmas blog post ideas, so I guess this is the start of the festive blogging here on Love, Maisie!

Polar Bear With Reindeer Antlers and Fairy Lights
A polar bear.. wearing a headband with reindeer antlers on it.. wrapped up in fairy lights, erm, a little ridiculous really, so of course I want it! I can't find a UK link for this jumper but you can find it on the US Amazon for just under £20! 

Really, you could wear this jumper all year round, couldn't you? I don't care what anyone says, if you say that you don't wake up early on Christmas Day, you're lying. This jumper is from New Look and will cost you £19.99. New Look have a fair few Christmas jumpers in this year and it's not just this one that's pretty epic! See here here and here!

Cute, Sassy Penguin
Of course I needed to include a pink jumper in this post and what's better than a pink Christmas jumper with a sassy penguin on it? Not much, I know. Believe it or not, this one is actually from George at Asda! It's currently out of stock on their website but I'm sure(#praying) it'll be available again soon and you can probably snap it up in store too! £14 and it's yours!

Festive Bird
A fairly subtle jumper now, but this Joules number is pretty sweet! Obviously, with such a brand comes a chunky price tag so this bad boy will set you back £50, but I personally think it's totally worth it! If you're not sure about how you feel towards Christmas jumpers, then perhaps something along these lines would be more suitable for you! Currently available to buy from John Lewis online, here.

Kiss Me It's Christmas
Last but not least is another adorable jumper from George at Asda! Now, not only is this cute, glittery printed jumper erm CUTE AS HECK, but it's only £12 AND it lights up AND it's musical! Oh my word, have I sold it to you yet? Maybe a little ott for some, but I'll definitely be picking this one up next time I stop by Asda!

So there we have it, my top 5 picks for Christmas jumpers this year! Are you feeling in the festive spirit? What's your favourite Christmas jumper? Let me know!

Falling In Love With Virginia Water

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
Virginia Water, Love Maisie
Last Thursday, Jack took me to one of the most beautiful places I think I've ever been. Virginia Water. Located just 6 miles from Windsor town center, this beautifully man made lake and surrounding park is well worth the visit if you're in the area!

We spent a good few hours walking around the grounds and taking in all the idyllic, autumnal surroundings, searching for mushrooms and we even found a squirrel! Cue a very excited Maisie making squealing sounds. It's so peaceful here and as cliche as this sounds, there were a handful of times where I felt overwhelmed with great big, mushy waves of happiness and honestly, minus the fact that it was freezing and the sun decided to perform a disappearing act, I didn't want to leave.
Virginia Water, Love Maisie
Virginia Water, Love Maisie
We walked for miles and miles and got lost at a few points too, but none the less it was a great day! There are a couple for houses scattered throughout the grounds and I'm so unbelievably jealous of whoever is lucky enough to own them!
Virginia Water, Love Maisie
Virginia Water, Love Maisie
How gorgeous is this waterfall? Imagine having that as a water feature in your back garden!

There were so many people walking their dogs, we even saw a woman with around seven German Shepard's(just in case you were wondering, yes, she looked incredibly badass), one of which was still a puppy and ohemgeeeee, I wanted to pet them all! I did manage to pet a cute little scruffy pup, which then ended in what I can only assume was a 2ft tall child cursing me for touching his dog..
Virginia Water Later, Love Maisie
Virginia Water, Love Maisie
Sadly, we did have to leave and so off we trotted to the car park ticket machine, only to find ourselves 10p short! Sure, we had plenty of 5p coins but oh yeah, that's right, no ticket machine in the history of ever takes 5p coins do they?! Luckily, there were a couple of people about so I approached a lovely gent, who surprise surprise was walking his dog, to ask him if he had a 10p coin in exchange for our two 5p's, slightly embarrassing really, but hey, if you don't ask, you don't get!  

I already can't wait to go back here, especially in the spring/summer time when it's a bit warmer and less wet for a little picnic! I could take #ootd's here for the rest of my blogging life and not run out of backdrops! Have you visited Virginia Water before? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know!

Wishlist | Accessories

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
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Something a little different for today! I love accessories, whether that's a statement necklace or a couple of stacker rings, I probably have more accessories than I do items of clothing, shocking I know.

I'm officially on the hunt for a new pair of glasses. If you read yesterday's blog post, you'll know that I now have a job, yippie, so I can actually afford to go to the opticians and get an eye test and some new specs. I've been in the need of a new pair for months now and I've been finding it really hard to find a pair that I like but I think this Firmoo pair are really lovely! Firmoo actually have loads of really nice frames on their website and seem to have some great reviews too. All at a bargain price too, this pair are only £14.10! 

We all know I love my hats so this Charlotte Russe one is no exception. You can pick up a big floppy rimmed hat from just about anywhere at the moment, but I really like the thin metal band that this one has around the base, don't you?! You can bag this online now for $25.

The third item needs no explaining. It's coffee related, enough said. Oh, it's only £3! Well done Brandy Melville, well done

How insanely adorable is this necklace!? It's from a store called Sugar & Vice and oh my word you have to check out their site! If laser cut jewelry is your thing then be prepared to do some spending! Asides from this perfect rain cloud necklace (£14), you should also check out their Vegan apple necklace, Antlers necklace and their Fox necklace, all adorable! I could do some serious damage on their site let me tell ya!

I've been loving the colder months here in the UK, getting to wrap up warm in over sized scarves and jumpers, so cosy! I've also been loving orange, so when I spotted this orange plaid tartan scarf, I knew I had to include it in this post. It's from a store called Accessory Concierge, which I'd not heard of before, but they've got a load of cute pieces too! This scarf is currently available online for $30.

I know all I've done lately is harp on about watches but this one is adorable, isn't it? Pink and rose gold? Yes please! I love how delicate it is yet I think it'd look real smart and eye catching on! It sort of reminds me of the DW watches that every blogger under the sun is currently rocking!   

So there's my little accessories wishlist! What have you got your eye on at the moment? Let me know!

Let's Have A Chat

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
I feel like there's a lot going on or has happened in my life recently and I thought it'd be an idea to write a bit of a rambly, sorry not sorry, post about it all because after all, I started blogging many moons ago because of my love for writing and sharing stories.

As most of you are probably aware, back in September, I moved back to England and for those of you who didn't know, I was living in Gibraltar. I'm currently living back at home with my family, which is strange but lovely all the same! I won't bore you with all the details but moving house is stressful but moving country is well, both heart-wrenching and unbelievably exhausting.
Photo from my Instagram!
Job Hunting
Obviously, moving country meant that I had to leave my job as a store manager and look for work here in the UK and let me tell you, it has been hard, really hard. I've worked full time since I was 17, so when every job that you see advertised that you think might be suitable for you is just to cover someone for 12 hours a week, it's a little disheartening, especially when you've spent a fair amount of hours each week for a month or so, scrolling and scrolling through jobsite upon jobsite and not finding a damn thing.

Also, what's with people not getting back to applicants? Not even to say thank you but no thank you? Is that not just polite job vacancy etiquette? After searching strictly "retail store manager" I decided that I needed to give in and start looking at all the other options available to me. I've actually lost count on how many jobs I've applied for these past few months, dental practice receptionist(I hate the dentist), parcel sorter, insurance claims assistant and so on, and you wouldn't believe the amount of people who didn't even acknowledge my application. I'm not saying that I'm bloody amazing and need to be acknowledged for sending and email and filling out a three page form, but it would be nice to know if they at least received it, no? I know, I know, some companies have hundreds of applicants and can't possibly reply to everyone, but I live in a small town and have applied to many small, independent businesses, who can't have possibly had more than ten applicants. Mini rant over, for now.

Luckily, I've now managed to land myself some front of house work at a little(read massive and insanely busy) pub/restaurant around 10 miles away from where I'm living.. which brings me onto my next point.
Driving, or rather, not driving
Another thing that I've found challenging is the lack of a drivers license. If you're reading this and you're around the 17 years old mark and you're wondering what you can ask for for your birthday or Christmas present or what you can save up towards, then I strongly urge you to invest in some driving lessons/a cheap first time car. Sure, if you're London based or somewhere where you've a fairly decent transport system that's mostly reliable, you're better off using that than driving, but if you're living anywhere else, I'm south west midlands, pretty much the middle of nowhere, and you're 15 miles away from a train station with a ticket machine and there's only one bus service that passes through your area, then you're pretty much screwed. For work, I'm currently reliant on my mum being available to give me a lift and snatching up lifts on the way home with my new colleagues, which so far, so good, but it'd be nice to not have to rely on others every single day.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I've had some really good blogging weeks, throwing out content like there's no tomorrow and then I've had week's where I've not even sent a single tweet, let alone written a blog post. I love writing and on a whole, I love my little space on the internet, but believe me, in the last couple of months I've certainly considered saying goodbye to blogging. I don't think I can really give you a solid reason as to why, but often I fall into massive holes of lack of creativity and enthusiasm and I'm also my own worst critic and the two don't really bout well together.

I know the key to constant readership is consistency, but right now, i'm sitting in my dressing gown, i haven't posted a blog post in a good couple of days, i'm typing up this essay length moan and you know what, I love it. I love being able to write whatever I want, whenever I want. I put far too much pressure on myself for something that I do as a hobby out of choice. Don't get me wrong, I adore blogging and the blogging community, I just often feel deflated, am I making sense?
New Projects
If you have me on Facebook, you'll have noticed that back in September I started talking about a "secret project" that I was working on and wanted to share with the world at the beginning of October... I'm still working on it but it does look like it'll be something that will be brought more into light in the new year, just because it's something that is a, very time consuming and b, i'm not very good at it..

On a slightly more positive note, another project that I've recently taken on is prints on my Etsy store! I'm really enjoy getting to use my creativity in a more physical form again! For those of you who are interested, you can click here to visit my new etsy store. There's a severe lack of items on there at the moment, I'm just waiting on some frames for some different sized prints that I've been working on. Spoiler alert, there's a super cute Fall Out Boy one that I made this past weekend and I'm super excited to list!

So tell me, what's been going on in your life lately? I'm as good at being nosey as I am at ranting, so let me know! I hope everyone's having a great week so far!

Exploring Cheltenham In The Rain | Life + Style

Thursday, November 05, 2015
Last week, I took the train, all on my own for all of 8 minutes, into Cheltenham to have a catch up with my lovely pal, Prema. The weather was pretty awful so we hurried into Starbucks, because coffee is always necessary, and had a good old chin wag. If you're interested, we talked blogging, "boys", how wearing new Topshop shoes when you're traveling/walking all day is most certainly not a good idea and not understand makeup counter ladies that force items on to you. 

Prema's a bit of a whizz when it comes to an SLR, and when I say a bit of a whizz, read hella amazing, seriously, check out her Instagram here. So of course, she'd brought her beast of a Cannon with her and began snapping some shots. All photo credit in this post goes to the lovely lady herself but all of the awful editing was me, sorry
The weather didn't look like it was going to get any better so we braved the wind and the rain and headed down Promenede, which of course meant passing House of Fraser, who have their stationary section in the window, so we both had a bit of an ohemgeeee look at it all moment, before heading through to Imperial Gardens. Quite possibly my favourite spot in Cheltenham, it would have totally been 100% sweeter if the sun was out, but in all honesty, we think the world was working against us that day, have you ever had your double bagged carrier bag split open through the bottom at a train station and then have to pack the contents into your handbag and a bin bag? No? Well, poor Prema has.  

Prema kindly offered to shoot some ootd photos for me, what a babe let me tell ya. I know, I know.. I'm wearing the same coat and scarf as I was in my last outfit post, but I thought these shots were super cute so I had to use them! 
Coat - Charity Shop(Next) | Scarf - Mother's | Skirt - Primark | Boots - Red Hearing at Debenhams 

My mum treated me to these gorgeous Red Hearing Chelsea boots a couple of weeks ago, as it was full on stressing her out that I was still walking around in dolly shoes in October, bless her soul! Also available in light brown, these boots are £29 but currently have 20% off.

I love how smart this look feels, it's pretty much made up of my winter staples and it's super easy to wear! Switch up the blue skater skirt with any other skirt or dress and that's me pretty much sorted for the rest of the year!

Have you visited Cheltenham before? What's your favourite spot? Let me know! 

Beauty UK Cosmetics | Lipstick + Nail Polish | Review

Wednesday, November 04, 2015
Beauty UK Cosmetics lipstick and nail polish review

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Superdrug with my mumma and we noticed an "everything £1" stand, so naturally, we spent a good ten minutes rummaging through everything on there. I somehow managed to contain myself and only grab two items, although now I wish I'd bought way more, both being from a brand that I had never heard of or seen before, but I thought they would be interesting to try out!

Both items are from a brand called Beauty UK Cosmetics, which at the till, the cashier told me that some of her friends had said that their products were on par if not better than Revlon! So I had high hopes after hearing that and let me tell you, they did not disappoint!  
Beauty UK Cosmetics nail polish review
Retailing usually at £2.99, I bagged myself a bargain really with the Post Box Red nail polish, but £2.99 is still peanuts, especially because of the quality of this nail polish! You do definitely need two coats of this colour to get the described shade as one coat is very pinky. This nail polish has a really thick but easy to apply consistency and has a really great lasting shine and wear, just as it states across the bottle! 

I was super, duper impressed with this little bottle of wonder as I find that pretty much all of my nail polish's chip within the first day, but I kid you not, this Beauty UK nail polish managed a good two or three days without a single, tiny chip, impressive stuff hey!
Beauty UK Cosmetics lipstick review Beauty UK Cosmetics lipstick review
The "Wet" Vampire Lipstick retails at £3.49 full price, which again is a fairly cheap/standard price for a high street lipstick. All of the Beauty UK lipstick are available in the "wet" consistency, not overly glossy but a gorgeous finish all the same, and also in matte. Vampire is a cool toned, vibrant red, which I will highly recommend to everyone as a cheap, staple red lippy. This lipstick is super pigmented and lasts really well on the lips. It has a similar feeling as the Collection lipstick's and ya'll know I love my Collection lippys. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that all of the Beauty UK lipsticks have a minty scent/flavour on them which I didn't realise until I applied it! I'm assuming that the idea of this is to "freshen your breath"? Either way, it smells and taste lush.. not that I licked the bullet or anything. Don't judge me, I know you've done it too.

So overall, I'm super impressed with both of my Beauty UK purchases and will definitely be going back out to purchase a couple more shades of the lippy and try out some of their other products too! Both of these products are available online and can also be purchased from most Superdrug stores. 

Have you tried Beauty UK Cosmetics yet? What did you think? Do you rate them as highly as I do? Let me know!