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Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Last weekend, for the first time in three weeks, Jack and I were both off work, so we decided to get a bit of retail therapy done in Reading. Of course, to carry out said retail therapy, we needed to fuel ourselves first, I'm an awful shopper on an empty stomach, isn't everyone? We had originally intended on having breakfast but after we left the house a little later than planned and then wondered around Riverside deciding where we could get some good ol' vegan grub, it had already gone midday. 

After a quick Google search, Jack suggested that we try out Handmade Burger Co as they had a handful of Vegan options on their menu. Having not really heard of the place before, I was eager to have a peep. The Handmade Burger Co in Reading is located on riverside behind The Oracle shopping center, so it's super easy to get to parking wise and it's right next to all the shops, bargain! 

At first glance, I already knew that I loved the place! Through the entrance they have stacks of Kilner jars filled with different plastic farmyard animals animals and lightbulbs, cute idea right?! The rest of the decor did not disappoint. A very clean/fresh approach with white tiles and chalkboard black walls with quotes and menu items scattered about and the odd bit of grenery too. Another great design aspect that I really like in restaurants was that the kitchen was at the rear of the restaurant, facing out towards the floor so you could see all the scrummy food being made! This certainly made it harder to wait for our food, I tell ya!

The staff were all super welcoming and within a couple of seconds, we were sat at our table and our waiter explained how it all worked there! As the name suggest, everything at Handmade Burger Co is handmade on site, for every order! This means that if there's something you see on the menu but you'd rather have it with a little less of something or a little extra of something else, they'll customise your order as you desire! Now if that isn't customer service then I don't know what is! To make it even better, their playlist was on point. Think Bring Me The Horizon, George Ezra and Kate Bush, tunes!
When it came to deciding what to order, for once we were spoilt for choice! As time goes on, more and more restaurants are offering vegan options but more often than not, I'm stuck eating side salad, without the dressing, chips and onion rings. To our surprise, there were five vegan burgers on the menu! Score! Unlike most other restaurants, all of the vegan options were clearly labeled so!

Their choice of vegan burgers were Cajun vegetable and bean, veg-mex, sweet potato and bean, Thai vegetable and chickpea and quinoa. Although they all sounded equally as delicious, I decided to go for the chickpea and quinoa burger with the original HBC relish, lettuce, tomato and red onion whilst Jack picked the veg-mex which was a falafel patty with handmade Mexican salsa, hand crushed avocado, jalapenos, lettuce tomato and red onion. How's all that for a mouthful!?

Cue Oliver Twist's "Food, Glorious Food." Because we're little vegan piggies, we also ordered two sides of fresh, hand cut peri-peri chips, a portion of veg skewers and a side of jalapenos(although those were just for Mr. Corbett because ew, jalapenos). Little did we know that this would be far too much food for our ever growing tummy's! But, we took on the mission like troopers and devoured more than I ever thought possible in one sitting.

Not only was my burger unbelievably tasty, but it was full of flavour! I'd love to be able to sneak into the kitchen and have a peep at the recipe so that I could make them myself. I'm still not entirely sure what relish is as oppose to sauce or salsa but the HBC relish is rich, tomatoey, sweet and god-damn delicious! Jack's veg-mex burger also looked a treat! I'd have tried some myself but damn those pesky jalapenos.

Our bill came to a total of just under £30 which, for the amount of food we had on our table, was a pretty reasonable cost. My top tip would deffo be to share your portion of chips, because even myself, queen of potatoes, couldn't finish my portion in it's entirety.
If there's anywhere that I've eaten lately that I'd recommend to you, vegan or not, it'd definitely be the Handmade Burger Co! From the friendly staff to the delicious food it's certainly worth a visit! If you have any specific dietary requirements, you can find an extensive allergen menu here. What adds to the epicness is that the Handmade Burger Co are an independent family business and have been since 2006! They now have over twenty restaurants up and down the UK! To find your closest Handmade Burger Co, just click here!

Have you visited the Handmade Burger Co before? What did you think? Do you rate it as highly as we do? Let me know!
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016
Topshop wishlist, the dresses edit | Love, Maisie
For my 22nd birthday last month, I was lucky enough to receive a couple of Topshop gift cards(Thank you if you're reading!) So in order to decide what I should treat myself to, I thought why not put together a little wishlist! It's been a while since I last posted a wishlist so it seemed like perfect timing really. After spending a good hour on the Topshop website, I realised that there were legit hundreds of cute dresses on their site that I couldn't simply ignore. Of course, I can't possibly buy them all(if only my bank account would allow it then I totally would) but I can blog about all of them, so here's my current top dress picks from Topshop!

Topshop wishlist, the dresses edit, black is the new black | Love, Maisie
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

If I could wear black everyday for the rest of my life, I probably would. There's just something about putting on a black dress that makes me feel badass, y'know? You can never go wrong with a black dress, I can tell you from personal experience that every single black dress in my wardrobe has been worn multiple times for an enormous amount of different occasions. 

The first two numbers, despite being black, I feel have a really summery vibe to them. The first being a wrap around skater dress (£26.00) made from lightweight material and the second a quirky sun and moon (£28.00) pattern. I think both of these dresses would be perfect for a warm summer evening at a friend's bbq or garden party! Team them with some white converse or wear a bright coloured cardi for a splash of colour.

My third pick is this gorgeous floral printed midi dress. Probably the most conservative of the five but definitely my favourite. Perfect for a lunch date or even to the office, this will cost you £42.00 which I don't think is that much considering it's Topshop and it's just so gorgeous! I'd probably pair this with some lace up sandals and a white or cream jacket for a super smart look for the spring/summertime!

I've got a bit of a love/hate relationship with bodycon/tunic dresses. Sometimes I try one on and I feel like the sexiest woman alive and other times, they just don't do it for me. Maybe it's my body shape or maybe it's all in my mind, but either way, I think this colourblock one is really versatile. Together with a pair of trainers I think it'd make a great day time look or throw on some black heels and grab your clutch bag and head out for the night! Available online for £26.00. 

Last but not least is this very Coachella/Glastonbury/1970's inspired embroidered bell sleeve mini dress. Paired with a pair of brown Chelsea boots and a tassel handbag and you'll have the 2016 festival look down like a real Californian. Coming in a close second to my favourite of the five. This one may or may not be sat in my basket. By Rare and only available online here for £48.00. 
Topshop wishlist, the dresses edit, comfort in green | Love, Maisie
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

There aren't many things in life that are better than a dress that looks tres chic and is as comfortable as being in your pyjamas. Lately I've been drawn to all things green, so it seemed silly not to have a mooch at the shades Topshop currently have to offer.

How bright and summery is this crocheted middle sundress(£29.00). Apart from making me look ridiculously pale, what could go wrong? Another lightweight number that would be perfect for a hot summers day, that is if we ever get one here in England! The simple pop of detail on the waist means that you really don't need to dress this up much, if at all, for a super cute look! I'm not sure why but I really adore the buttons right down the front, just adds a nice little touch!

A really basic staple but I adore this long sleeved chuck on dress. The model on the Topshop website rocks it effortlessly with some just above the angle heeled boots. I'd probably pair it with some cosy black tights, you know those 1,000,000 denier Primark ones with the fluffy insides? A must have addition to your wardrobe for just £22.00.

Another embroidered beauty. This long sleeved smock dress is another one of those Coachella lust pieces and we all know I love a good smock. It's price tag is surprisingly small, coming in at just £36.00 which I must say is a pretty bargain for Topshop. Grab yourself some sandals and a flower crown for a super 70's boho look! 

These last two are shirt dresses and I was only going to include one, but i couldn't decide on which I liked more! The first is this checked, mid sleeve number that I think would look super cute with a little white belt around the waist. Of course, the model on the website rocks it effortlessly on it's own, loosely hanging down from her petite frame, sigh, I on the other hand would probably look like I'm actually wearing my pyjamas! It's currently in the sale for £30.00. 

The second seems a little more uniformed and fitted, but still lose enough to be super duper comfy! I know I said that my love for all things green is a new, blossoming love but there's something about khaki that I've always been drawn to. I'm planning on adding this D-Ring pocket shirtdress(£39.00) to my wardrobe and teaming it with my gold heeled, brown Chelsea boots, what do you think? 
Topshop wishlist, the dresses edit, pinafore galore | Love, Maisie
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Just in case you hadn't noticed, pinafore's are taking over the bloggosphere right now. It stared with dungaree's that none of us had worn since 1999, note; when we were in single figure age, and now the blogging world has moved it's eyes to the pinafore, which again, none of us have worn since we were about 3ft tall. I've seen so many bloggers rock the pinafore and make it look more than just giant, toddler chic. 

The first of said world dominating pinafore's is this bleached denim one for £41.00. Possibly the most summery of all my picks! I really do like myself a bit of bleached denim, I find it's super easy to dress up or down!

This second pinafore by Motel(£35.00) has some really sweet floral embroidery on the pockets, so sweet I adore it! I think I'd probably style all of the other pinafores with a t-shirt underneath or maybe even a long sleeved shirt? But I think I could get away with just a little tank top or bandeau under this one, what do you think?  

Another denim pinafore? Of course! This one seems to be as 90's as it gets! A simple boxed but slightly fitted shape with a square neck line and cross over straps, can I join the Spice Girls now? For £35.00, you certainly can! I personally think that this particular pinafore could be paired with any sort of top underneath and it'd work! Maybe even a white tee underneath and plaid shirt over the top? The possibilities are endless my friends!

I wanted to included some darker coloured pinafore's in today's post, mainly because I saw the gorgeous Tessa from HollySparkle rocking one that she picked up in Primark and it looked, amazing! I adore how Tessa teamed it with a grey long sleeved top and kept all of the other clothing items black, my kind of outfit! This Moto cord pinafore dress is available online for £39.00.

Last but certainly not least, let's get a little clueless! This large checked/plaid style pattern is growing on me and the rest of the world too apparently. The model on the website is rocking some knee high black boots and a white cropped tee with this pinafore and she looks amazing! I'm not quite sure if I could pull the look off myself but I'll certainly give it a try! Available online now for £42.00. 

So there we have it, my top picks of the dresses currently available at Topshop! Which one is your favourite? Are you planing on picking anything up in Topshop anytime soon? Would you be interested in a little haul once I make my purchases? Let me know! 
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