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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Barry M nail polish review | Love, Maisie | Almond and Lap of Honour
Today I wanted to talk to you about my two new favourite nail polishes. As I'm sure I've mentioned countless times, my nail polish collection is eternally growing and I don't think I've ever had a favourite shade for more than a month. So, as always, I found myself in Boots having a mooch around. I'm trying not to spend any money at the moment, but Jack and I had popped into town for a browse so I thought, hey, why don't I check out the Barry M counter, as I've always really rated  Barry M and their products don't break the bank!
Barry M nail polish review | Love, Maisie | Almond
The first of the two nail polish shades that I picked out is called "Almond" from the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine collection. This nail polish boasts to be a gel effect nail paint with an extra glossy finish. I've tried some Barry M polishes before but nothing from their Hi Shine range, so I was pretty eager to give this one a go! Alike gel nail polishes, I found the consistency of this polish to be super thick, which I loved because it meant I only needed to apply one coat, despite the bottle suggesting two. You could certainly go in and apply another coat, I was just really pleased with how it brushed up using just one!

I definitely support the extra glossy finish statement. You know how some nail polishes lose their shine after a day or two? Well, I'm both surprised and pleased to say that even at the end of the week, what was left of the polish on my nails was still as glossy as it was when it was applied! As for the colour, I'm no expert when it comes to describing things but I'd say that Almond is a stone/grey shade with purpley undertones that'll go with pretty much anything! A pretty neutral shade but still oh so pretty!
Barry M nail polish review | Love, Maisie | Lap of Honour
The second nail polish that I picked up is Lap of Honour from the Speedy Quick Dry range. Lap of Honuor is actually one of six new shades added to this Barry M range. I've used a couple of the Speedy Quick Dry polishes before so I knew that they were.. well, pretty speedy when it comes to drying! Something else that's just ab fab about the Speedy Quick Dry range is the names of the shades! For example, Eat My Dust, Road Rage, Get Set Go and Winning Streak. There's just something so satisfying about a range of names in a nail polish collection having a theme, right?

I'd describe Lap of Honour as beautiful, pastel lilac shade that I think is perfect for this time of year! I'm off to Guildford this weekend and I reckon I'll be rocking this shade on my fingers and my toes! 

Overall, I really rate both of these nail polishes and all of Barry M's polishes that I've previously tried! Their lasting power isn't absolutely amazing, but honestly, I'm still searching for a nail polish that is! What do you think, have you tried anything from either of these ranges? What did you think? Let me know! 
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Monday, July 11, 2016
"Start somewhere"

My life is an endless list of half finished projects, snippets of ideas written on scrap paper and to do lists with a disturbingly low number of ticks on. Every now and then, I get round to starting to piece together a new project or an idea or a task and even if it's still not finished that day, I've made a start at it.

I often beat myself up about not having finished all of my projects and saying "oh I've only just started putting this one together," but staring is exactly the right place to be in. Start somewhere, start anywhere. If you've got a handful of projects that you're eager to get at, pick one out of a hat and get writing or designing or baking or photographing, whatever is, start it today.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2016
A day out at Runnymede and an #ootd | Love, Maisie
A day out at Runnymede and an #ootd | Love, Maisie
A couple of weekends ago, Jack and I drove to Runnymede in Surrey. It was a relatively quick and straight forward drive down, I'd say about half an hour from our house! Not only is Runnymede a pretty sight, despite the lack of sunshine on this particular day, but it's full of history too. Runnymede is best known as the site at which the sealing of the Magna Carta took place, pretty cool hey? Their Magna Carta memorial is pretty beautiful and you can catch a glimpse of it in one of Jack's vlogs right here.
A day out at Runnymede and an #ootd | Love, Maisie
A day out at Runnymede and an #ootd | Love, Maisie
A day out at Runnymede and an #ootd | Love, Maisie
We walked around for a couple of hours, through meadows of tall grass and down hills accompanied by cows, real big cows. I chose to wear this faux jumper/shirt combo top as it's thin enough to be cool when the sun does shine but as it's long sleeved, it keeps the heat in when you need it to! I picked it up in Primark back in February and I actually wore it to a job interview! (I got the job so the shirt must've been part of the reason, right?) I love the casual vibe it has with the "shirt" hanging out from the bottom and of course, the collar! 
A day out at Runnymede and an #ootd | Love, Maisie
A day out at Runnymede and an #ootd | Love, Maisie
Cheesy but hey, here's my handsome man! *Insert heart eye emoji here* Something else that I thought was pretty cool is that there is a John F. Kennedy memorial in it's own little garden. To get to the memorial you have to climb 50 steps, cute or what? We sat up here for a little while whilst the sun was actually out and I managed to snap this photo of Jack which I just really, really love 
A day out at Runnymede and an #ootd | Love, Maisie
Excuse my expression here, Jack was probably saying something to which I think I'm probably shouting "what?" to here. I paired my top half with my trusty £9 Primark jeans and brown Chelsea boots. Let's not forget about the amazing little British Heart Foundation handbag which first featured on the blog back in October last year! 

After our little trek, we of course stopped for coffee, on site at the little cafe they have at Runnymede and would you believe it, they had soya milk! Once our little feet were well rested and our bodies pumped full of caffeine, we headed back to the car and headed for lunch.. which I'll just say, was no way near as successful as the rest of the day; don't ask.

Have you visited Runnymede before? What did you think? Let me know!
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Monday, July 04, 2016
"Take The Bull By The Horns" | Quote of the week #69 | Love, Maisie
"Take the bull by the horns"
You've all heard this one before, it's a pretty well know little saying! According to the Cambridge dictionary, it means "to do something difficult in a brave and determined way." I love this so much! There will be multiple times in your life where you are faced with something very difficult that you've got to tackle but like I always say, I believe in you and if you're determined enough, you'll do it, whatever it is!

I think I'll keep it pretty short and sweet with this one, so I hope you all have a wonderful week! If you're in need of a bit of determination, why not save this image and set it as your phone background? 
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