Monday, August 15, 2016
enjoy the little things | quote of the week #71 | Love, Maisie blog
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In a society where we're all striving have the best Instagram grid and saving up our pennies to buy the next celebrity branded product, it's often hard to remember that sometimes it's not about all of that "luxe internet shit". Sometimes it's about the little things.

Sometimes the best feeling in the world is getting into bed when you've just put on new sheets AND you've just shaved your legs. Heaven. It's easy to take for granted the little things in life, like the coffee's that Jack makes me every single morning and the little kisses he gives me before he leaves for the gym.

If you do anything this week, make it to be aware of all of the little things in your day to day life that always bring a smile to your face. Write a list, post a tweet or even a whole blog post about them! What was the first thing that made you smile this morning? 
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